Phoenix Among Men Chapter 666

“Miss Gu, just watch, I’ll teach this Qin family’s dog a lesson ……”

Lin Tianhu had long been unable to look away, and after stopping Gu Ling’er, he smacked his palm towards that Qin family subordinate.

Seeing Lin Tianhu attacking, that Qin family subordinate’s face then had a hint of seriousness, after all, Lin Tianhu was now also a Zong Shi strength, moreover a horizontal body that was incomparably strong, it was thanks to Chen Ping’s Great Return Pill that Lin Tianhu’s strength had progressed so quickly.

The only thing is, Lin Tianhu is just past stepping into the clan master now, and there is still a considerable gap following the Qin family subordinate in front of him.

Boom ……

After a muffled sound, Lin Tianhu’s body directly fell backwards several steps, if not for Red Phoenix hastily supporting Lin Tianhu, at this moment, Lin Tianhu would have fallen to the ground.

“This is your men? The strength is too poor ……”

Qin Xiaolin looked at Lin Tianhu’s embarra*sing appearance and snorted coldly at Chen Ping.

Chen Ping did not say anything, but glanced at Red Phoenix, who nodded and rushed out with a single healthy step.

During this period of time, with the aid of Chen Ping’s pills, Red Phoenix’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds, showing signs of breaking through to reach Grand Master.

When that Qin family servant saw that Red Phoenix was a female, he immediately relaxed his guard, with a few hints of playfulness in his eyes.

But next, that Qin family servant regretted it, only to see that Red Phoenix swung out with a fist, and that Qin family servant hastily set up his arms to resist.

Boom …………

After a muffled sound, that Qin family servant was directly knocked out and fell heavily to the ground.

“This is your family’s subordinate? Not even as good as a woman, and still brought out to disgrace ……”

Chen Ping looked at Qin Xiaolin with a cold smile on his face.

“Dare to hurt my men in front of me, looking for death ……”

Qin Xiaolin’s face was cold, his palm slapped out directly towards Red Phoenix, although they were a few meters apart, Red Phoenix still felt a huge force coming towards him.

Red Phoenix was instantly shocked and his body backed up rapidly, but it was simply too late, he was directly hit by Qin Xiaolin’s palm wind and a mouthful of blood spat out from his mouth.

Red Phoenix looked at Qin Xiaolin angrily, although there was a huge difference in strength, but there was no fear in Red Phoenix’s eyes.

“To take a punch from me and still be able to stand?”

Qin Xiaolin was slightly surprised, and a burst of anger rose in his eyes.

Qin Xiaolin raised his palm once again, only to see a ball of light actually coalesce above Qin Xiaolin’s palm, and within the ball of light there seemed to be lightning streaking through it.

Seeing this scene, panic flashed across Red Phoenix’s eyes, but he did not flinch.

Just as Qin Xiaolin was about to strike, Chen Ping took a step and a crack instantly appeared on the ground, which was heading towards Qin Xiaolin at an extremely fast speed.

Seeing this, Qin Xiaolin could only press his palm downwards and the ball of light in his hand instantly struck the crack in the ground.

After a loud sound, a large crater, nearly a metre in diameter, appeared on the marble floor of the hall.

Chen Ping hurriedly pushed his palms together and a wall of Qi rose out of thin air, blocking the aftershock so that Su Wenzong and Su Yuqi would not be harmed, after all, they were ordinary people, even if it was an aftershock, they could not withstand it.

The two of Qin Xiaolin’s men, however, were directly swept by the afterwave, and both of their bodies fell to the ground, a mouthful of blood gushing out.

Chen Ping and Qin Xiaolin had struck, and even if it was an afterwave, their strength as sect masters could not withstand it.

“You really do have some strength ……”

Qin Xiaolin looked at Chen Ping with a few moments of surprise in his eyes.

“Your strength is not bad either ……” Chen Ping said coldly, “But even if you have more strength, you still have to pay for damaging my home …… ”

Seeing that Chen Ping was actually asking himself to compensate, Qin Xiaolin froze for a moment before laughing loudly, “Kid, if you are really capable, then let me compensate you tomorrow in the ring ……”