Phoenix Among Men Chapter 681

Qin Xiaolin’s body fiercely retreated, and the giant hand made of condensed Qi instantly turned into smoke and dissipated into the air.

This time, Qin Xiaolin did not pick up any advantage from the fight, instead, he was retreated by Chen Ping with a single blow, which surprised the crowd a lot.

Qin Xiaolin’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the murderous aura in his eyes grew thicker and thicker. Without any words, he immediately struck out at Chen Ping again.

Whether Chen Ping was injured or not, Qin Xiaolin did not intend to give Chen Ping the slightest chance to catch his breath, since he could not kill him with one blow, he would consume Chen Ping to death.

The only thing that could be seen was a translucent invisible qi rapidly heading towards Chen Ping. Due to the speed, the crowd could only see a white smoke forming between Chen Ping and Qin Xiaolin, just like a plane pa*sing through the air, leaving a long trail behind it.

Boom ……

Chen Ping once again condensed his Qi into a blade, this time the blade was obviously much stronger, and it was clear that Chen Ping had not used his full strength in the strike he had just made.

With a dull thud, Chen Ping’s blade slashed hard at the Qi energy. Although Chen Ping blocked most of the Qi energy with this strike, a portion of it still hit Chen Ping’s chest heavily.

Chen Ping’s body instantly leaned backwards and then flew out sharply. Chen Ping’s feet slid above the ring and soon two deep grooves appeared on the ring, until he reached the edge of the ring, and only then did Chen Ping’s body come to a halt.

Chen Ping frowned slightly, the strength of a Martial Sect really could not be underestimated, this Qin Xiaolin’s qi was obviously not the same as that of an ordinary martial artist.

The qi energy of ordinary martial artists was generated by their own pounding and cultivation, and to be able to reach the external release of qi energy was already at the realm of the Patriarch, but because of the limitations of the martial artist’s cultivation method, it was impossible for a martial artist’s qi energy to last and to be so solid.

Qi energy was simply too far behind the spiritual energy of an immortal cultivator, which was why Chen Ping, who was only a cultivator at the incipient stage, was able to kill two martial artist grand masters in a row without any difficulty.

But this Qin Xiaolin’s qi energy followed other martial artists completely differently, almost almost similar to the spiritual energy of an immortal cultivator. No wonder Long Wu had admonished Chen Ping in advance that martial artists of the Martial Sect realm were not that easy to deal with, seeing as martial artists would be to a whole new level after reaching the Martial Sect realm.

It was no wonder that the dream of many martial artists was to reach the Martial Sect realm, and even take this as their goal and keep cultivating, but it seemed that this Martial Sect realm was not so easy to reach, apart from their own cultivation techniques and talent, they also needed opportunities.

“To be able to resist my two blows hard, you are considered the most powerful Grand Master I have seen since I came out of seclusion, this body of yours is stronger than I could have imagined, you must have taken some kind of elixir that has tempered your body, if you can give me the elixir, perhaps I can let you live.”

Qin Xiaolin looked at Chen Ping’s exposed bronze skin and his eyes were filled with envy.

“You let me go? I am the one who killed your son, and your nephew, will you let me go?”

The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted as he sneered.

“Cultivating to my level, kinship is just a tie, when I cultivate to eternal life, why worry about having no son behind me, if you really have an elixir that can quench your body and give it to me, I will definitely let you go ……”

Qin Xiaolin’s words caused the crowd to be stunned, they didn’t expect that Qin Xiaolin could not even take revenge on his own son for the sake of the so-called elixir.