Phoenix Among Men Chapter 683

The ground beneath Qin Xiaolin’s feet had already begun to crack, except that he was still gritting his teeth and holding on. The vastness of Chen Ping’s Qi energy had shocked Qin Xiaolin.

Ka ka ka ka ……

With a cracking sound, the wall of Qi in front of Qin Xiaolin began to show a tiny crack, followed by cracks that grew larger and larger.

Qin Xiaolin’s face changed and his body exploded back!

Clap …………

After Qin Xiaolin’s qi retreated, the wall of qi instantly turned into nothingness, while Chen Ping’s green-coloured blade mane swung down, hardening the ring beneath Qin Xiaolin’s feet and cutting a several feet long blade mark.

The blade was so sharp that it pierced through the ring and even made a several-metre-long crater in the ground, sending sand and gravel tumbling out.

By now, Qin Xiaolin’s body had already retreated to the edge of the ring, and only then did he manage to dodge Chen Ping’s blade.

Looking at Qin Xiaolin’s wretched appearance, Chen Ping’s eyes gaped: “If I had a real sword in my hand, you would have become a dead soul under my sword by now ……”

Qin Xiaolin looked at Chen Ping and did not retort, because what Chen Ping said was true, if at this moment Chen Ping was not condensing Qi into a sword, but had a real treasure sword in his hand, it would have been very difficult for Qin Xiaolin to dodge it.

“Chen Ping, don’t be too happy, I have been in seclusion for several years, studying my Qin family’s kung fu method intensely, and I have managed to break through to the realm of Martial Sect, will it be easy for you, a Grand Master, to defeat ……”

After Qin Xiaolin finished speaking, a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from his body, followed by a gust of wind that began to blow throughout the stadium.

The hair of Qin Xiaolin all stood up high, and his two hands seemed to be dancing, grabbing randomly in the air, but that Qin Xiaolin once grabbed and threw, originally empty hands, but now shot out a sharp edge!

Chen Ping’s body was covered by the sharp edges, which were like steel pearls, and they all went straight for Chen Ping’s vital parts.

Chen Ping didn’t dodge or evade, but let the sharp mane hit his body.

Having fought with Qin Xiaolin several times, Chen Ping had a certain understanding of Qin Xiaolin’s strength and his body’s ability to resist blows, so he dared not to dodge or evade.

The sharp edges struck Chen Ping’s body, surprisingly making a light sound, while Chen Ping’s body did not look half different, not even leaving a little mark on his skin.

Qin Xiaolin’s face looked ugly, “Chen Ping, are you wearing locking armour? I haven’t seen anyone’s body hardened so strongly.”

Chen Ping sneered and took off the heart-protecting bronze mirror from his chest, casually throwing it on top of the ring.

“Even if I don’t wear anything, what can you do to me with this ability?”

These words of Chen Ping instantly caused Qin Xiaolin to lose face.

Looking at Chen Ping actually throwing the Heart Protecting Bronze Mirror to the ground, Qin Xiaolin’s face froze up.

Since Chen Ping dared to throw away the Heart Protecting Bronze Mirror, it proved that Chen Ping had complete certainty at this moment.

Qin Xiaolin took a deep breath and looked at Chen Ping coldly, “Since you are so arrogant, then let you taste the taste of death ……”

The terrifying pressure was centered on Qin Xiaolin and spread out in all directions, while Qin Xiaolin’s right hand gently beckoned, countless spots of light in the sky actually converged into his hand, as if the entire sun was under Qin Xiaolin’s control.

Soon, the spots of light in Qin Xiaolin’s hand became brighter and brighter, even surpa*sing the light of the sun, causing the crowd in the stadium to be unable to open their eyes.

“What kind of stance is Qin Xiaolin using? It’s so terrifying ……”

“It’s too powerful, from such a distance, I can’t believe I can feel the blazing heat ……”

“This move, that Chen Ping will never be able to catch it, it seems that the difference in realms is difficult to bridge after all!”

“It’s over, Chen Ping will definitely lose this move ……”

The crowd discussed the power of Qin Xiaolin’s move, and those sitting in the front row had all covered their eyes.