Phoenix Among Men Chapter 686

Qin Xiaolin frowned, “Chen Ping, I’ve conceded defeat, what more do you want?”

“Admit defeat?” The corner of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted, “I started to ask you to kowtow and admit your mistake, so I can spare your life, since you don’t agree, then you won’t be able to leave today.”

“Are you going to drive them to extinction?” Qin Xiaolin did not expect that Chen Ping would not let him go even after he had admitted defeat.

“Today is supposed to be a life and death fight, if the loser is me, will you let me go?”

Chen Ping had a cold face, he had no intention of letting Qin Xiaolin leave alive from the start, to be merciful to his enemy was to be cruel to himself, Chen Ping was not that kind.

When the crowd saw that Chen Ping was going to drive Qin Xiaolin to his death, they were all dumbfounded.

A Grand Master, to stop a Martial Sect, to drive him to extinction, not to mention that there were quite a few people from the Qin family present, including several Grand Master realm experts, was Chen Ping planning to take on the entire Qin family by himself?

“Chen Ping, don’t be so arrogant, my elder brother has already conceded defeat, but you still want to kill them all, do you really think that the Qin family is afraid of you?”

Qin Xiaotian stepped out with one healthy step, while the other Qin family subordinates directly surrounded Chen Ping in the middle.

“Qin Xiaotian, today is a life and death battle between me and your big brother, if you don’t want to die, then get out of the way, otherwise none of you will leave ……”

Chen Ping grimaced as a rampant killing intent erupted from his body.

“This is Hong City, not Kyoto, you’ve picked the wrong place if you want to be wild to Mr. Chen here ……”

Lin Tianhu leapt out from the audience, followed by Red Phoenix, Zhao Wuji, Bai Xiushan, Wu Liuyi ………… and many others from the Jiangbei martial arts community all gathered around.

The hundreds of people from the Red Phoenix Hall and the Gathering Hall, who were originally in charge of the handles outside the stadium, also swarmed in and surrounded the entire ring, with Qin Xiaolin and the others in the middle.

“Qin Xiaotian, this is a match between Mr. Chen and your elder brother, your elder brother is the one who placed the invitation to fight, in front of so many people in the martial arts community, do you want to bully the less with the more?”

Bai Xiushan looked at Qin Xiaotian and asked coldly.

“Qin Xiaotian, as the Lord of the Guardian Pavilion, I don’t care who loses and who wins in a regular bout, but if you guys break the rules, I won’t sit back and do nothing.”

Zhao Wuji also had a cold look on his face, he had long looked at the Qin family with displeasure, having just compared him to a dog in the lounge, Zhao Wuji had long been holding his fire.

“Humph, you guys don’t need to f*cking scare me with the number of people, although we are few in number, these are the Qin family elites, which one of them is not above the fifth rank of clan master, there are even great clan masters, just this bunch of rabble of yours, if we really fight, it’s not sure who will win and who will lose!”

Qin Xiaotian snorted coldly, intending to lead his men to fight hard, there was no way he would watch Qin Xiaolin being killed by Chen Ping, if the Qin family was without Qin Xiaolin, then the Qin family might just fall.

The rest of them, some of them had not even practiced their qi energy, they were just rushing for numbers, in front of the real experts, these people did not even have a chance to make a move.

For a while, all of them were frozen in the scene, no one made a move, but no one left, and the atmosphere was just depressingly confrontational.

“Let me say something to be fair …………”

At this point, Xu Changsheng spoke up and slowly walked into the crowd.

Xu Changsheng walked forward, while the crowd in front of him was unconsciously set aside a path by a great force.

Yu Dong followed behind Xu Changsheng and walked directly to the middle.

When the crowd saw Xu Changsheng, many of them looked puzzled because they did not know him, but Qin Xiaolin, Bai Xiushan and Zhao Wuji all looked surprised when they saw Xu Changsheng.