Phoenix Among Men Chapter 688

Chen Ping’s words shocked everyone, as people in the martial arts world, they all knew very well what this Pill God Valley was, let alone facing the Grand Elder of the Pill God Valley, how dare Chen Ping say that?

Bai Xiushan and Zhao Wuji were all sweating for Chen Ping, fearing that Xu Changsheng would be angry.

But this made Qin Xiaolin and Qin Xiaotian’s hearts burst with joy.

“Kid, you have slandered my Medicine God Valley, I think you are impatient to live ……”

Yu Dong glared angrily at Chen Ping.

“What, you want to make a move with me? You’re just a defeated general under you, do you have the right to speak here?”

Chen Ping looked at the furious Yu Dong and said coldly.

“You ……”

Yu Dong was burning with anger, in front of so many people, to say that he was a defeated general under him, Yu Dong’s face was a bit unsettled, so with an arrow step, he intended to go towards Chen Ping.

“Yu Dong ……”

Xu Changsheng stopped Yu Dong, and then looked at Chen Ping with a smile on his face and said, “Brother Chen, I think you must have misunderstood, we in no way meant to snatch your pills, as for last night’s recklessness, I apologize to you ……”

Xu Changsheng, being the Grand Elder of the Pill God Valley, actually followed Chen Ping and apologized?

This caused everyone to be stunned, even Chen Ping himself did not expect that Xu Changsheng would apologize to himself in public.

Even Xu Changsheng had apologised, so Chen Ping could not say anything else.

When the two brothers of the Qin family saw this situation, their originally excited hearts instantly went cold, they were not sure what Chen Ping was capable of that he was able to make the Great Elder of the Pill God Valley apologise.

“Grand Elder, you …… how can you apologize to him?”

Yu Dong looked at Xu Changsheng in some disbelief, knowing that this place was full of people from the martial arts world, if this were to get out, wouldn’t their Pill God Valley’s prestige be damaged?

“Shut up!” Xu Changsheng glared at that Yu Dong, then swept a glance at the crowd and said, “Today, on behalf of the Pill God Valley, I would like to say a fair word, today’s ring match is for two people to settle their grudges, before the two people are done, I hope no one will interfere, whoever breaks the rules of the martial arts world, then don’t blame me, the Pill God Valley, for stepping in ……”

Xu Changsheng’s words instantly stunned Qin Xiaolin, wasn’t this pushing him to his death?

Now that he had broken a hand and his body’s energy was almost depleted, if he continued to fight after Chen Ping, then he would definitely die.

“Let’s listen to Elder Xu’s ……”

Bai Xiushan was the first to speak up, and then gave a wink towards Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix.

The two nodded and with a wave of their hands made all the people from Red Phoenix Hall and Gathering Hall all retreat.

It was obvious that Chen Ping had the upper hand now and there was no need for them to interfere.

However, Qin Xiaotian, with the Qin family’s men, was tightly protecting Qin Xiaolin, but was not willing to leave at all, because Qin Xiaotian knew that if they left, Chen Ping would definitely take Qin Xiaolin’s life.

“Did you not hear what I said?”

Xu Changsheng’s gaze was cold as he looked at Qin Xiaotian.

“Elder Xu, our Qin family has no grievances or hatred following the Pill God Valley, if Elder Xu can help us this time, my Qin family will definitely thank you heavily ……”

Qin Xiaotian looked at Xu Changsheng with a prayer in his eyes and said.

“What do you mean by that? Bribing me in public?” Xu Changsheng’s eyes narrowed slightly, “My Medicine God Valley is a famous sect, naturally we have to uphold the rules of the martial arts world, no one can break the rules, not to mention that this war letter was also given by your Qin family, all the more you can’t break the rules, now you guys back off immediately ……”

Xu Changsheng did not give Qin Xiaotian any face, which made it very difficult for Qin Xiaotian.

“Stand down ……”

Xu Changsheng saw that Qin Xiaotian still did not move, so after a furious shout, a terrifying aura instantly erupted from his body.