Phoenix Among Men Chapter 691

If Qin Xiaolin had exploded himself, they could be sure that Chen Ping would not have been able to resist at all.

But for a Grand Master in his early twenties to have killed a Martial Sect, this was probably the most exciting battle in the martial arts world, a battle in which weakness overcame strength and a disparity in power.

No one could imagine how exactly Chen Ping had beheaded Qin Xiaolin, and how he had made Qin Xiaolin stop exploding himself.

“Big brother …………”

Qin Xiaotian looked at Qin Xiaolin, who had already become a dry corpse, and pounced headlong on him, while those Qin family underlings also came forward.

“Chen Ping, I will kill you …………”

Qin Xiaotian’s angry eyes glared at Chen Ping and rushed towards him like a madman.

Chen Ping didn’t move, but it was Xu Changsheng at the side who directly slapped that Qin Xiaotian and sent him flying.

“Did you not hear what I said?”

Xu Changsheng looked at Qin Xiaotian coldly, “If you want to die, I wouldn’t mind taking a shot ……”

Xu Changsheng’s words calmed down Qin Xiaotian who had lost his mind.

Ordering his men to lift up Qin Xiaolin’s corpse, Qin Xiaotian looked angrily at Chen Ping and also Xu Changsheng: “This debt, my Qin family takes note of it, I will definitely take revenge for this, as well as your Pill God Valley, my Qin family and you will not share the same fate ……”

After Qin Xiaotian finished speaking, he led his men away, while Xu Changsheng did not take Qin Xiaotian’s threat to heart in the slightest.

“Chen Ping, are you alright?”

At this moment, Su Yuqi asked Chen Ping with concern.

Chen Ping shook his head, “It’s fine, I just feel a bit tired ……”

“Then let me help you to rest quickly ……”

Once Su Yuqi heard that Chen Ping was tired, she hurriedly a*sisted him and prepared to leave.

“Brother Chen, after this battle, I’m afraid that your reputation will spread in the martial dao world, but don’t worry, my Pill God Valley will always maintain the rules of the martial dao world and won’t let them run amok, if Brother Chen has time, I hope that you can come to my Pill God Valley for a visit, and we can also spar about alchemy …… ”

Xu Changsheng said politely as he followed Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded, “Good, I will go and seek advice from Elder Xu when I have time ……”

Xu Changsheng had a very good attitude and had been helping himself, so Chen Ping’s attitude towards Xu Changsheng had changed quite a bit.

“Then I will be waiting for Brother Chen at Pill God Valley ……”

Xu Changsheng finished speaking and left with Yu Dong.

Chen Ping also returned to the Pan Long Bay Villa surrounded by the crowd.

Just after Chen Ping’s bout following Qin Xiaolin ended, the Miao Village in the southwest, thousands of miles away.

The Miao King was watching the bout via video.

In front of the Miao King stood none other than the Five Great Reeve Heads of the Miao Village.

“Miao King, although that Chen Ping does not look strong, that body of his is very strong, almost invulnerable to all poisons, my puppet worms were destroyed by him ……”

Dali head said in a small voice.

However, the Miao King did not speak, but his eyes were deadly fixed on Chen Ping on the screen, with greed in his eyes ……

“If I could refine this body into a corpse king, wouldn’t that make me invincible ……”

The Miao King’s eyes were fiery and he said with a look of excitement.

When the five great heads of reason heard this, they all looked at each other and finally lowered their heads, and no one answered.

Chen Ping had just killed Qin Xiaolin, a martial arts clan, and the Miao King was still thinking about Chen Ping’s body, knowing that the Miao King’s strength was only at the peak of the Grand Master, and he had not been able to enter the martial arts clan even after years of training.

However, the good thing is that Miao Village is good at using poison, so low strength can be replaced by poison, but Chen Ping’s body is not afraid of poison, almost invulnerable to all poisons, that can’t be helped.

The five heads did not dare to provoke Chen Ping, they still wanted to live a few more years, so they all kept their heads down and did not say anything.

When King Miao saw that none of the five heads spoke up, he did not get angry, but casually grabbed a flying insect from a clay pot and threw it out with his hand.

The flying insect swiftly flew away, and not long after, a girl dressed in black with a shapely figure walked in.

“Righteous father, you are looking for me ……”

The girl knelt down on one knee in front of King Miao and asked.