Phoenix Among Men Chapter 698

Seeing this scene, Chen Ping raised an eyebrow, finally shaking his head and sneering, “This move is not useful in the eyes of the beholder.”

If the girl was fighting an opponent that was a level below her, this move would definitely be useful, but she was facing Chen Ping, an existence that had just killed a Martial Sect, so this move would be almost useless to Chen Ping at all.

Chen Ping’s eyes were closed and he stood still, seemingly without the ability to fight back, followed by several daggers that went straight for Chen Ping.


The girl shouted excitedly, as she saw with her own eyes that the daggers had touched Chen Ping’s body.

But just after the girl shouted out in joy, the next moment her whole face turned black to charcoal!

Because she saw that after the dagger touched Chen Ping’s body, there was a metal clashing sound, then the dagger all burst and fell to the ground, and when she looked at Chen Ping’s body, it was unharmed.

“You …… are you still human?!”

The girl stared at Chen Ping with wide eyes,.

“Stop, you are no match for me, tell me, what are you really? And who are your parents?”

If Chen Ping could know the other girl’s parents, there was a possibility that he could find her family for Wu Mei’er.

“Die with that, I won’t tell!” The girl’s face was grim and her eyes were full of coldness.

The powerful qi within her body was wildly outputted, the grim aura poisoned all the gra*s and trees within ten feet around, the skinny body actually contained such a powerful poisonous qi within it!

In the blink of an eye, the dagger in the girl’s hand once again broke through the air, cutting through space with a tearing sensation and carrying an aura of unrelenting killing.

The dagger also had a faint greenish aura on it, a glance that it had been fed with a strong poison, and if it struck, it would surely kill in one blow!

The girl knew that she was incapable of catching Chen Ping, so she was planning to kill him.

Looking at this scene, Chen Ping sighed slightly and didn’t even dodge, he directly raised his hand and waved, the girl’s body instantly flew out.


The girl’s body hit the wall heavily, directly knocking the girl unconscious, and this was because Chen Ping had stayed his hand, otherwise the girl would have vomited blood and died.

The girl slowed down, but her eyes were still cold. Chen Ping really didn’t know what he had done to offend this girl, why did she have to fight with him?

“Go to hell!”

With a delicate cry, the girl once again rushed towards Chen Ping.

Seeing this, Chen Ping sighed slightly, “That’s about right.”

Then with a wave of his spiritual power, an invisible sword formed in his hand, and Chen Ping rushed to the girl’s front at an even faster speed.

The two figures intersected, moving for a split second, and then separated under the touch.

Back to back the two stood straight, neither moving.

A few breaths later, the girl knew she was utterly defeated and had no chance whatsoever!

“b*****d! You actually ……”

The girl shrieked, followed by her hands clutching her clothes in a deadly grip as she looked at Chen Ping in anger.

Because at this moment, the girl’s clothes had actually appeared a few gaps, the snow-white skin was exposed, and the buttons of her clothes were all gone, if she didn’t use her hands to grab her clothes, she was going to be all seen by Chen Ping.

“You kill me, but you don’t have to try to take advantage of me, I’d rather bite my tongue than let you have your way ……”

The girl had a determined face, if Chen Ping really wanted to make a move on her, she would definitely kill herself.

“Then you can bite your tongue and kill yourself, what I want is this body of yours anyway, even if you bite your tongue and kill yourself, I can get pleasure in you just the same ……”

Chen Ping turned around and looked at the girl with a lecherous face, that look lived up to a big pervert.

“You ………… are shameless, you are not human ……”

The girl did not expect Chen Ping to say such disgusting words.

The thought of being trashed by Chen Ping on her body even after she bit her tongue, the girl’s body was covered with goose bumps.