Phoenix Among Men Chapter 7

“What are you babbling about? You are not needed here, get lost quickly …………”

Su Yuqi was afraid that Chen Ping would interfere with Dr. Sun’s visit, so she roared in anger.

“Good, it’s you who told me to get lost, I’ll just sit outside in the corridor, in less than five minutes, you’ll definitely beg me to come back.”

After Chen Ping finished, he simply opened the compartment door and walked out.

As Chen Ping walked back in, no one was bothering him as that Dr. Sun began to carefully perform acupuncture on Su Wen Zong, and soon he was dripping with sweat!

When the last needles were placed, Su Wenzong woke up leisurely and slowly opened his eyes!

“Dad, my dad has woken up, Dr. Sun, my dad has woken up, it’s great …………”

Seeing that Su Wenzong had woken up, Su Yuqi shouted happily, her eyes filled with tears!

She had just been really scared, scared that her father would never wake up again.

When Dr. Sun saw that Su Wenzong had woken up, he also let out a long breath, he was actually not sure of anything either!

But just as both Su Yuqi and Doctor Sun were breathing a sigh of relief, Su Wenzong, who had originally opened his eyes, suddenly shook violently, his expression was in great pain, having difficulty with each other, and his whole face had turned saucy purple!

“Dad …… Dad ……” Su Yuqi shouted loudly, panic looking at Dr. Sun said, “Dr. Sun, what’s going on ah? ”

At this time, Dr. Sun was also a bit flustered and looked at a loss for words, “I …… don’t know either, how did this happen, how did this happen ……”

“Who are you asking? You are the doctor!”

Su Yuqi got anxious and yelled towards Dr. Sun.

At this moment, Su Wenzong’s trembling was getting smaller and smaller, and finally there was no movement at all directly, and even his breathing could not be probed.

At this moment, that Dr. Sun panicked even more, if something happened to Su Wenzong, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to do well either.

“Dad, don’t scare me, don’t scare me …………”

Su Yuqi cried out.

“Miss Su, let’s take Mr. Su to the hospital, there’s nothing I can do!”

Dr. Sun said with an anxious face.

The reason why he chose this time to send Su Wenzong to the hospital was just to avoid responsibility, if Su Wenzong died in the hospital, it would have nothing to do with him.

“Do you think I’m stupid? My dad is in this condition, can he still last until the hospital? You save it quickly, if you can’t save my dad, you don’t have to live either …………”

Su Yuqi had lost her mind at this point, and her eyes were full of anger.

The Su family is the richest man in Jiangcheng, to deal with a small doctor, it is not a simple matter.

This scared that Dr. Sun, but there was nothing he could do, just when he was anxious, he suddenly thought of Chen Ping, Dr. Sun hurriedly said, “Miss Su, that young man who just went out, maybe he really has a solution, I think that young man has two tricks up his sleeve!”

When Dr. Sun said that, Su Yuqi also remembered Chen Ping, but just now that Dr. Sun had despised Chen Ping, but now he was praising him, just to get Chen Ping to come over and help her with the thunder!

As soon as Chen Ping did the healing, even if Su Wenzong died, he would not be found to be responsible, it was all Chen Ping’s responsibility alone.

Su Yuqi hesitated, but finally put Su Wenzong on a chair and rushed out of the private room!

At this moment, Chen Ping was sitting on a chair in the corridor, he knew that Su Yuqi would definitely come out to look for him.

When Su Yuqi saw that Chen Ping hadn’t left yet, she hurriedly ran over, but just as she was about to open her mouth, she suddenly realized that she didn’t even know Chen Ping’s name.

“Please, please save my father …………”

Su Yuqi had an embarra*sed look on her face as she begged at Chen Ping.

Chen Ping slowly raised his head to look at Su Yuqi, while Su Yuqi didn’t dare to look Chen Ping straight in the eyes, just now she was cursing angrily at Chen Ping, but now she was coming to beg Chen Ping!

“You believe that I can save your father, that I am not a liar?”

Chen Ping asked.

Su Yuqi didn’t say anything, she didn’t know how to answer, because at this moment Su Yuqi didn’t fully believe Chen Ping, she just didn’t have a choice, she was just treating a dead horse as a living horse!

Looking at Su Yuqi’s appearance, Chen Ping smiled and did not make things difficult for her, but got up and walked towards the private room.

Su Yuqi hurriedly followed behind her, while Dr. Sun was sweating profusely, anxiously walking inside the private room!

Seeing Chen Ping coming, Dr. Sun seemed to have seen a saviour, no matter whether Chen Ping could cure Su Wenzong or not, as long as Chen Ping took a hand, then his own responsibility was even pushed out.

“Little brother, it was my fault just now, please save Mr. Su!”

Dr. Sun also put down his price and begged Chen Ping.

Compared to the life of his own family, a few kind words were nothing!

Chen Ping glanced at Su Wenzong and said with a soft sigh, “It seems that I can only put up a fight ……”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he looked at that Doctor Sun and asked, “Do you still have any silver needles?”

“Yes, it’s inside the medical box!”

Doctor Sun hurriedly took out a pack of silver needles and handed it to Chen Ping!

“It’s not enough!” Chen Ping shook his head.

“Not enough?” Doctor Sun was stunned, “This packet of silver needles has more than thirty of them, is it not enough?”

Even Zhou Jimin, the president of the Chinese Medicine a*sociation, who was known as a divine doctor, was only able to administer a dozen needles, so more than thirty silver needles were enough!

“Not enough, I need a lot of silver needles!” Chen Ping said.

“How many do you need?”

Doctor Sun asked carefully.

“Ninety-eight hundred and eleven!”

As soon as Chen Ping’s words fell, that Doctor Sun just froze, his entire body froze!

A moment later, a trace of shock appeared in Dr. Sun’s eyes, but without saying anything, he directly took out all the silver needles from inside the medical box!

Chen Ping took the silver needles and directly placed Su Wen Zong’s body on the ground and flattened it, followed by a wave of his hands as silver needles were continuously pushed into Su Wen Zong’s body!

Chen Ping’s forehead began to break out in cold sweat, and his whole body looked so strained that his clothes were soaked through!

After the last silver needle was stuck into Su Wenzong’s body, Chen Ping let out a long breath and his whole body felt like it was deflated and he sat straight down on the ground.

During this period, Su Yuqi had been fidgeting and watching, she didn’t know anything about acupuncture and wanted to ask, but she was afraid of disturbing Chen Ping.

But at that moment, Dr. Sun was already stunned on the spot, his mouth was so rounded that it could have been stuffed into an egg.

After a while, Dr. Sun turned from shock to excitement and knelt down in front of Chen Ping with a poof!

Dr. Sun’s sudden action had startled Chen Ping and Su Yuqi!