Phoenix Among Men Chapter 70

“Chen Ping?”

At this time, in the middle of the front of the line, a woman dressed in a fashionable and somewhat sultry outfit shouted out towards Chen Ping.

The woman was also wearing a large sungla*ses that covered half of her face!

“You are?” Chen Ping frowned slightly and shot a glance at the woman!

“It’s me, Li Dongmei ……” The woman took off her sungla*ses!

Chen Ping was suddenly enlightened, “So it’s you, I didn’t even recognize you ……”

Li Dongmei was Chen Ping’s cla*smate in middle school, and the two of them were still at the same table, back then that Li Dongmei was very sloppy, but not as fashionable as now!

Li Dongmei shot a glance at Chen Ping, and then with a few sneers in her eyes she said, “I heard you were in jail, when did you get out?”

To bring up the matter of imprisonment directly in such a public place was clearly an attempt to make a fool of Chen Ping!

Back then when the two were at the same table, this Li Dongmei had even written love letters to Chen Ping, after all, at that time Chen Ping’s father was in politics and his family was also well off, many girls liked Chen Ping!

Only Chen Ping didn’t pay much attention to this Li Dongmei at all, because at that time Li Dongmei was not outstanding at all!

“Just got out a few days ago ……”

Chen Ping smiled lightly and answered truthfully!

“Just got out, and you’ve come to get over a million dollars? You’re really rich …………”

Li Dongmei said with a cold laugh.

Chen Ping also just laughed and did not answer, but pulled away from the topic and asked, “When did you come to Hongcheng, I heard that you stopped going to school after graduating from junior high school?”

“Yes, I stopped going to school after graduating from junior high school, but I am now much better than you, a university graduate ……” Li Dongmei said, pointing to a fat-headed middle-aged man sitting on a chair next to her and said, “That’s My boyfriend, the boss of a company, a*sets of tens of millions, today I came to do a card, from now on the money is under my control!”

Li Dongmei had a smug look on her face, although the middle-aged man looked older than her father, she herself didn’t feel anything wrong, as long as the other party had money!

Chen Ping looked at the obese middle-aged man and only smiled slightly, “Then congratulations, you’ve found a rich boyfriend ……”

Although Chen Ping only smiled slightly, but Li Dongmei felt a pang of disgust in her heart, she felt that Chen Ping was laughing at herself!

“Sir, withdrawing money over half a million is something that needs to be booked in advance, have you made an appointment?”

The bank staff’s tone became a little tougher after knowing that Chen Ping was a recently released labour prisoner!

“I have an urgent need, so I don’t have an appointment, can you make an accommodation?”

Chen Ping asked to the bank staff.

“Chen Ping, what are you doing with over a million dollars in a hurry? Looking at you, you don’t look like you have a million either, you’re not coming over to pretend, are you?”

Li Dongmei sneered and said.

Chen Ping ignored her, but took out his card and handed it to the bank staff, “I have ten million in this card, I only want to withdraw one million three hundred thousand now, can you be a little more accommodating?”

“Ten million? Are you kidding me, do you have ten million dollars? You’re just a labour prisoner who just got out of prison, how could you possibly have that much money.” Li Dongmei sneered, looking at Chen Ping with a disdainful expression!

And that bank staff was also a little impatient and said with a cold face, “Even if you have 20 million, this is the bank’s rule, you can’t ……”

But before he could finish his words, the bank staff suddenly saw the card in Chen Ping’s hand, and his whole body just froze, followed by his eyes opening roundly!

Because the bank card was given to Chen Ping by Su Wenzong, and Su Wenzong being the richest man in Hongcheng, his cards all had very obvious special marks, the bank staff could see at a glance that it was the Su family’s bank card, and Chen Ping could hold the Su family’s bank card, so he would certainly not be an ordinary person.