Phoenix Among Men Chapter 705

“Humph, that’s because you have no charm, Chen Ping is just a big pervert, otherwise why would my sister’s clothes be like this?”

Wu Mei’er snorted coldly at Gu Ling’er.

When Gu Ling’er heard that Wu Mei’er actually said she had no charm, she didn’t care about being embarra*sed and instantly said with a face full of anger, “Who said I have no charm? If you don’t believe me ask Chen Ping, which one of us actually has charm ……”

The words of Gu Ling’er instantly made several girls look at Chen Ping, which could make Chen Ping panic all of a sudden.

Feeling the gazes of several girls, Chen Ping was filled with helplessness and could only look at Long Wu with a look of help, hoping that Long Wu could relieve himself.

Long Wu laughed, but looking at Chen Ping’s pitiful look, he could only stand up and said, “Mei’er, don’t be ridiculous, Chen Ping didn’t do anything to your sister, he is still a young boy now, he has never touched a woman, and how could he touch your sister ……”

Hearing Long Wu say this, Wu Mei’er looked at Chen Ping with some surprise.

After all, Chen Ping had followed Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er to live together, guarding two girls like this, it was impossible for a man to hold back, but I didn’t expect Chen Ping to have done nothing.

“No wonder you can resist the charm technique, so you can’t ……”

Wu Mei’er eyes with a few sneers said.

This comment did not make Chen Ping angry, and he sincerely cleaned up Wu Mei’er to her face, so that she could see if she could do it or not.

However, in front of so many people, Chen Ping could only hold his anger and said nothing.

With great difficulty, all quieted down, while Su Yuqi looked at Long Wu and asked Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, who is this man?”

Su Yuqi had not seen Long Wu, so she did not recognise him.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce you, this is Uncle Long, if it wasn’t for him, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to come back from Kyoto to see you, and that Heart Protecting Bronze Mirror, the Marrow Cleansing Pill, they were all from Uncle Long.”

Chen Ping hurriedly followed Su Yuqi and introduced her.

Once Su Yuqi heard this, she hurriedly smiled slightly towards Long Wu and said, “Good …… Uncle Long.”

Long Wu also nodded with a smile and gave Su Yuqi a glance, “You’ve already taken the Marrow Cleansing Pill, right?”

“Mm, I’ve taken it ……,” Su Yuqi nodded her head.

“Come over here, I’ll pa*s on a set of gong methods to you, you can cultivate it yourself when you have nothing to do, whether you can make it or not depends on your own destiny ……”

Long Wu waved his hand towards Su Yuqi.

Su Yuqi hurriedly walked over, while that Long Wu directly put his right hand on top of Su Yuqi’s head.

A strand of spiritual energy entered Su Yuqi’s head from Long Wu’s right hand, Su Yuqi only felt her brain go blank, followed by a set of four-word gong methods that kept flashing inside her head.

After a short ten seconds or so, Long Wu withdrew his hand, while Su Yuqi’s eyes were wide with shock.

It was because she had discovered that unknowingly, she had so many more things inside her head.

This was simply too amazing.

If this could instill knowledge into her brain like this when she was in school, wouldn’t she be a school master?

Looking at Su Yuqi’s shocked look, Long Wu smiled lightly, “Try to follow what the gong method says and try it out yourself ……”

“Mmm!” Su Yuqi couldn’t wait to sit on the sofa and unconsciously closed her eyes slightly, and then began to adjust her breathing according to what the gong method said.

As Su Yuqi’s breathing became fainter and fainter, aura slowly began to seep around towards Su Yuqi’s body.

“Really a good seedling ……”

Long Wu saw that Su Yuqi had actually sensed the presence of spiritual qi as soon as she started to cultivate and absorbed it into her body, it was simply incredible.

But soon, the crowd noticed that Su Yuqi’s breathing was getting weaker and weaker, while Su Yuqi’s face started to turn red, followed by her entire body’s skin turning fiery red.