Phoenix Among Men Chapter 707

When Chen Ping heard Long Wu mention Xiao Ru, his whole body instantly froze, full of incomprehension, “Uncle Long, you …… how do you know about Xiao Ru? And how do you know that she is an ice crystal? Could it be that Xiao Ru has also stepped into the immortal cultivation world?”

Chen Ping’s series of questions directly made Long Wu feel that he had unknowingly said the wrong thing about Xiao Ru.

“Don’t ask, once the 15th of July arrives, all the questions you want to know will be known, now let’s first see when your girlfriend will wake up ……”

Long Wu did not continue to talk to Chen Ping, there were some things he could not let Chen Ping know now.

Chen Ping saw that Long Wu was not continuing to talk, and did not pursue the question, since he would know everything on the 15th of July, he was not afraid to wait for these ten more days.

Half an hour later, Su Yuqi slowly opened her eyes. As Su Yuqi woke up, the temperature inside the living room also instantly returned to normal.

But Su Yuqi looked at the sofa in a mess and froze at once: “What’s going on here ……? How come it’s on fire?”

“Oh, just smoking accidentally ignited it!” Chen Ping did not tell Su Yuqi the truth, but told a lie, he was afraid that Su Yuqi would have a hard time accepting it at once.

After all, for so many years, Su Yuqi had always felt that she was a normal person, and now that she was suddenly told that she was a fire spirit body, following a normal person differently, it was probably hard for her to accept it.

What’s more, Long Wu was only guessing, he wasn’t completely sure that Su Yuqi was a fire spirit body, it was still too early to tell Su Yuqi.

“Yuqi, what did you feel when you were practicing your gongfu just now?”

Long Wu asked to Su Yuqi.

Su Yuqi faintly gazed at her eyebrows and said after thinking about it, “It didn’t feel much, but it seemed like my body was particularly hot ……”

“Have you ever felt a bulging feeling in the small of your back? Like there’s something inside?”

Chen Ping asked hurriedly.

If Su Yuqi could feel her dantian and feel the swimming of spiritual qi the first time she practiced, it would mean that Su Yuqi had successfully stepped into the immortal cultivation world.

Hearing Chen Ping ask this question, Su Yuqi blushed and said, “What are you talking nonsense about? It’s your little belly that’s bulging with something, I’m not pregnant, where’s the thing ……”

Hearing Su Yuqi say this, Chen Ping was speechless for a while, while Long Wu laughed, “Chen Ping, don’t be too anxious, to be able to feel the presence of the dantian for the first time in practice, that is simply one in a million, it will slowly get better ……”

At this time, seeing that Su Yuqi had woken up, Gu Ling’er and Wu Mei’er and the girls also walked in.

Gu Ling’er asked Su Yuqi a few questions with concern and was relieved to see that Su Yuqi was fine, but looked at Su Yuqi with envy in her gaze.

She knew that the reason why Long Wu had pa*sed on the gongfu to Su Yuqi must have been because of Chen Ping’s status, after all, Su Yuqi was Chen Ping’s recognised girlfriend.

And she was nothing, so she would not have the gongfu to practice.

Long Wu read the words and saw Gu Ling’er’s thoughts, so he said to Gu Ling’er, “Miss Ling’er, this is just an ordinary Qi condensation gong method, when the time comes, let Yu Qi tell you about it, and you two can practice it together ……”

“I can also cultivate it?” Gu Ling’er was instantly overjoyed!

“Of course you can, when you have practiced this ordinary Qi condensation technique, I will teach you more advanced techniques, after all, you are both Chen Ping’s women, being stronger yourselves will also help Chen Ping ……”

Long Wu said with a faint smile.

But as soon as Gu Ling’er heard that phrase that she was Chen Ping’s woman would only, her face reddened in a tentative manner and she was somewhat at a loss for words.

And Chen Ping glared at Long Wu, he could be sure that Long Wu said that on purpose, this is not to find trouble for him!

But Su Yuqi didn’t react much and didn’t say anything!