Phoenix Among Men Chapter 72

“This gentleman’s card, it’s a customized card from the Su family, we only recognize the card not the person, do you think you can compete with the Su family?”

A hint of contempt flashed in the bank manager’s eyes!

The bank manager’s words caused Li Dongmei to freeze instantly, and there was a gasp from everyone around!

One had to know that the Su family was the richest in Hongcheng, no wonder that staff member had instantly changed his attitude once he saw the card in Chen Ping’s hand just now!

With the Su family’s card, the bank would have to send someone to deliver the money to them personally if they made a phone call, not to mention coming to the bank to withdraw the money in person.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

“No …… impossible, how could he have a Su family custom card, he must have stolen it, or he picked it up, there is no way he could have followed the Su family would have connections ……”

Li Dongmei didn’t believe it, Chen Ping was just an ordinary person who couldn’t be more ordinary and had just gotten out of jail, how could he be involved with the Su family?

Seeing Li Dongmei still yelling loudly, the bank manager’s face turned cold: “Security guards, blow them out of here ……”

Soon, two security guards came over and drove Li Dongmei outwards, and Li Dongmei’s boyfriend was also driven out!

“What the hell is going on here? What is the relationship between that cla*smate of yours and the Su family?”

Li Dongmei’s boyfriend asked with some concern.

“If he was related to the Su family, he wouldn’t have gone to jail. He’s only been out for a few days, how could he be related to the Su family?

Li Dongmei said with a face of anger.

“Okay, never mind if he picked it up, let’s go!”

Li Dongmei’s boyfriend didn’t want to dwell on it, if Chen Ping really had something to do with the Su family, then it would be bad luck for him!

Li Dongmei and her fat-headed boyfriend had just walked out of the bank when a few guys who had been waiting for Chen Ping outside saw them and immediately greeted them!

“Boss Qiu, what a coincidence, I didn’t expect to run into you here ……”

The guy with the gold chain said with a smile.

“So it’s Gangzi, what are you guys doing here?”

Li Dongmei’s boyfriend asked.

“There’s a guy who owes us money, and we’re waiting for him to get it!”

Kongzi said indifferently.

“Oh, then you guys wait, I have something to do, let’s have a drink together sometime!”

Li Dongmei’s boyfriend said, pulling Li Dongmei and trying to leave!

After all, these people were not good people, he didn’t want to follow these people too much!

But who knew that Li Dongmei didn’t move, but asked with some surprise, “Is the person who owes you money named Chen Ping?”

“Chen Ping?” Gangzi was stunned, but quickly responded, “Yes, it seems that his name is Chen Ping, and he owes us one million three hundred thousand!”

As soon as Li Dongmei heard this, her whole body almost jumped up with joy.

“I said why that Chen Ping must take out one million three hundred thousand today, it turns out that he owes people money and is blocked inside!” Li Dongmei sneered, and then turned to that Gangzi and said, “How did he owe you guys money?”

Gangzi didn’t answer Li Dongmei, but looked at the boss Qiu!

That boss Qiu smiled, “This is my girlfriend!”

When Gangzi heard that, he smiled, “Since it’s Boss Qiu’s girlfriend, then I won’t hide it from you, it’s a woman who borrowed from usury here, and this kid stepped in to help pay back the money, it’s not that he owes us!”

“So it’s a loan shark that you owe, then you can ask for more interest, that boy Chen Ping has 10 million in his card!”

Li Dongmei whispered to that Gangzi.