Phoenix Among Men Chapter 720

And in the middle of the room, a man was slowly sitting there on his knees.

Countless poisonous creatures were tearing towards that person, but that person did not move a muscle, this person was none other than Chen Ping.

The poisonous qi inside the room was being sucked into Chen Ping’s body at a speed visible to the naked eye, while those poisonous creatures that were tearing at Chen Ping were having their teeth broken off.

Chen Ping’s body was now no different from a bronze head and iron arms, no matter if it was a poisonous snake, a poisonous bee or even some centipede, a poisonous rat or the like, none of them were able to break through Chen Ping’s skin.

The Heart Condensation Skill in Chen Ping’s body was spinning so fast that the poisonous creatures that had been attacking so fiercely and constantly were all fleeing Chen Ping’s surroundings, hiding in corners one by one, some even trying to escape through the windows, but unfortunately the windows were sealed to death.

“None of you can escape ……”

These poisonous creatures, in Chen Ping’s eyes, were rare cultivation resources, how could he let them escape ……

Chen Ping kept sucking the toxins from the poisonous creatures and then transformed them into spiritual energy stored within his dantian, many of them had been drained by Chen Ping and turned into a dry corpse ……

Gradually, the sky darkened, and the poisonous creatures still alive inside the room this is less and less, if this scene don’t Miao Village people see, probably will be scared to death.

The poisonous creatures they were so proud of had become food on a plate in Chen Ping’s eyes, how ironic it was!

At this moment, Xiaolan was walking anxiously back and forth inside her room, wondering how Chen Ping was doing, but there were people outside, so she couldn’t go and check!

Just as Xiaolan was getting restless, suddenly the head of the Dali barged into Xiaolan’s room, “Miss Xiaolan, King Miao asks you to go to ……”

“Yifu invites me?” Xiaolan frowned, her heart vaguely uneasy.

“Yes, the Miao King asks you to go there now ……”

The Dali head finished speaking and walked straight out.

Xiaolan could only follow him out while walking towards the Miao King’s house.

The Dali head led Xiaolan to the first floor and pointed to the Miao King’s bedroom door and said, “The Miao King is waiting for you inside, go in yourself ……”

After saying that, the Dali head left without looking back, leaving Xiaolan stumped, she knew that King Miao had never let her into the room before, so how could he suddenly let her in today?

Could it be that King Miao had found out about what happened last night?

Xiao Lan walked apprehensively to the door and knocked gently on it.

“It’s Xiaolan, right? Come in. ……”

King Miao’s voice came out.

Xiaolan gently pushed the door open and found that King Miao was having dinner, with a few dishes on the table and a bottle of wine.

Once Xiaolan entered, he closed the door gently behind him.

“Righteous Father, what do you want from me?”

Xiaolan walked up to King Miao and asked in a small voice.

“Sit down and have a meal with your righteous father ……”

King Miao pointed to the stool on the side.

Xiaolan didn’t say anything and sat down directly, while King Miao poured a gla*s of wine for Xiaolan.

“Have a drink with me ……”

King Miao held the gla*s of wine up for Xiaolan and handed it to her.

Xiaolan wanted to refuse, but she didn’t know how to refuse, so she could only take the gla*s and drink it down ……

After finishing the wine, King Miao’s face showed a few excited smiles before turning to Xiaolan and saying, “The photo on the table last night, you took it, right?”

Seeing King Miao ask about last night, Xiaolan’s body slightly trembled, but since the other party asked this, he must already know, and there was absolutely no need for Xiaolan to lie, so he might as well show his hand and ask King Miao.

Xiao Lan nodded, took out the photo and put it on the table: “Father, who is the woman in this photo? How come she looks so much like me?”

“That’s your mother, so of course she looks like ……” said King Miao without any concealment.