Phoenix Among Men Chapter 730

Long Wu also silent, although he followed Chen Ping not much contact, but Chen Ping’s nature he still understand some, when the time comes to really encounter danger, Chen Ping will never let his girlfriend’s life to save himself.

“We can only take one step and see what happens, the young master is starting too late, only by obtaining the Ice Dragon and Inferno Dragon’s Dragon Crystals will the young master have the capital to follow the Dragon Family to fight ……”

Long Wu spoke with a heavy voice.

The old dragon leader slowly turned his gaze towards the frolicking few girls and sighed helplessly.


Miao Village, today was a big day, Xia Chao from the Tianwu Sect came to welcome Xiaolan, very early in the morning the many bridal processions from the Tianwu Sect had already arrived in front of the Miao Village gate.

At this moment, Xiao Lan was inside her room, carefully dressed, her eyes looking at Chen Ping at the side with a bit of sorrow.

“Chen Ping, what do you mean? Are you planning to marry me off to that Xia Chao for real?”

Although today was her big day, Xiao Lan’s face could not see a trace of happiness.

After these few days of contact, Xiaolan had long given her true feelings to Chen Ping, and although she knew that Chen Ping already had a girlfriend, Xiaolan did not care.

“Didn’t I say, just going through the motions, when we enter the Heavenly Martial Sect, I won’t really let that Xia Chao lay hands on you ……”

Chen Ping explained.

“You can remember, I am helping you, if that Xia Chao makes a move on me and you don’t show up to stop it, I will kill myself and I won’t let you go even as a ghost when that happens ……”

Xiao Lan said with a reluctant look on her face.

“Don’t worry, if my guess is right, that Xia Chao is afraid that he doesn’t even have the ability to be a man anymore, the reason why he wants to welcome you is for another reason ……”

Chen Ping smiled lightly.

The first time he saw Xia Chao, Chen Ping noticed that there was something wrong with Xia Chao’s aura, although Xia Chao was the strength of a Grand Master, there was a feminine aura in his aura, without the kind of masculinity of a man, so Chen Ping suspected that this Xia Chao had practiced an evil art and no longer had the ability of a man.

The reason why he wanted to marry Xiaolan was that he had taken a fancy to Xiaolan’s natural charming body and relied on the evil arts to suck the essence from Xiaolan’s body to help himself cultivate.

This Xia Chao must have sucked up a lot of women too, which made the strength increase greatly, but it also made the aura of his body feminine and soft.

Xiaolan was still a little uneasy and wanted to say something, when the head of the Dali walked in.

“Miss Xiaolan, Xia Chao of the Heavenly Martial Sect has arrived at the fortress gate and is waiting ……”

The Dali head said.

“Hmm, I will go out immediately ……”

Xiao Lan nodded and after looking at Chen Ping once again, she put the red cover over her head and was helped out of the room by the First Head.

The five great heads escorted Xiaolan, while dozens of Miao village members followed behind them.

Chen Ping mingled among these Miao members.

When they reached the gate, Xia Chao was already waiting, dressed in red and riding on a big horse.

When he saw that Xiaolan had also appeared in red and covered with a red head, the corners of Xia Chao’s mouth lifted and he was secretly happy.

But after looking around, Xia Chao found no sign of the Miao King, so he frowned and said to the Dali head, “Where is your Miao King?”

“Sir Xia, the Miao King is inside and has not come out, as you know he has worked hard to raise Miss Xiaolan for twenty years, and now that Miss Xiaolan is getting married, the Miao King is upset and is crying inside his room ……”

The head of the Dali explained unhurriedly.

“I can’t see that King Miao is still so temperamental ……” Xia Chao smiled: “Our two families are so close to each other, just let Xiaolan come back to visit often when the time comes …… ”

Xia Chao said, a wave of the hand immediately have the Tianwu Sect people carry a sedan chair over, the small Lan a*sisted into the sedan chair.

Soon, the bridal party set off towards the Tianwu Gate, with the five Dali heads and dozens of Miao Zhai members accompanying them as maiden family members.