Phoenix Among Men Chapter 732

Hundreds of girls all stripped off their clothes and dipped in the spring pool, some wearing swimming costumes and some just stripping naked. When Chen Ping hid behind a big rock at the peak of the mountain and looked over, the white blossoms almost didn’t blind Chen Ping’s eyes.

Bar …………

Chen Ping jerked his head down and found that he had a nosebleed, and a drop of nosebleed dripped down to the ground.

“sh*t …………”

Chen Ping hurriedly stopped the bleeding, even if Chen Ping was an immortal cultivator, seeing such a scene, he could not control his inner restlessness.

But not far from that spring pool, Xia Chao stood with his hands behind his back, looking at the hundreds of undressed girls in front of him, his face surprisingly did not move a bit.

When Chen Ping noticed this scene, he was even more convinced that this guy Xia Chao was definitely no longer a man.

He saw Xia Chao slowly sit down, followed by his hands in mid-air seemingly drawing something haphazardly, but soon, a small whirlpool in mid-air, those girls soaking in the bath did not notice the difference and were still playing in the spring pool.

Soon, a white mist was rising above each girl’s head, and from a distance it looked like water vapour rising slowly.

All that white mist was quickly sucked in by a vortex in mid-air. Chen Ping knew that these were not water vapour, but the Yin Qi from the girls’ bodies.

As the Yin Qi was slowly sucked away, some of the girls began to look a little pale and trembled, feeling cold all over.

However, in order to beautify and nourish their skin, these girls all endured it and refused to leave the water.

When Chen Ping saw this, he could only shake his head helplessly. These girls were simply desperate for their lives, but Chen Ping could not go out at this time, otherwise he would be discovered by Xia Chao.

Luckily, just as some of the girls were about to lose their grip and were about to die from the depletion of their Yin Qi, the Grand Master who was speaking at the mountain gate appeared.

“Alright, the time has come, please leave, our Grand Master has prepared an elaborate gift for you all ……”

The Grand Patriarch said to the girls.

As soon as the girls heard that they had a gift, they all walked out of the spring pool, put on their clothes and followed that Grand Master to leave, these girls still didn’t know that just for that moment, many of them would lose ten years or even longer of their lives.

After the girls left, that Xia Chao violently opened his mouth and the vortex in mid-air was sucked directly into his mouth.

“Hahahaha, so much Yin Qi, enough to raise my strength by a large margin, when I am sucking in that Xiao Lan’s Yin Qi, I will definitely be able to break through to Martial Sect and surpa*s my father …………”

Xia Chao slowly got up, smiling broadly with excitement.

He did not know that behind a rock not far away, Chen Ping was watching all this, but at this moment Chen Ping had no interest in this Xia Chao, what he was interested in was the spiritual spring.

After Xia Chao left, Chen Ping couldn’t wait to go to the spring. Looking at the deep, bottomless spring, Chen Ping reached out and touched it in the water.

The moment Chen Ping’s hand touched the spring, the spiritual energy, which was like a volcanic eruption, gushed directly towards Chen Ping, while Chen Ping sucked it up like a hunger.

“There must be something in here ……”

The moment Chen Ping touched the spring, he knew that the spring did not have spiritual qi, and the source of this spiritual qi was in the eye of the spring, as for what was inside the spring, Chen Ping was not sure, but to give off such a majestic spiritual qi, it must be a treasure.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Ping took off his clothes and dove in head first.

The further down he went, the more dense the spiritual energy became, and as Chen Ping continued to dive, the bottom of the water began to become somewhat dim.

Without knowing how deep he had dived, Chen Ping felt the pressure on his body increasing. If not for his strong body, Chen Ping might have been crushed into mush at this moment.