Phoenix Among Men Chapter 736

At this moment, Chen Ping was still trapped in the eye of the spring. In order to break free from the spell formation, Chen Ping exerted all his strength, but unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, he could not break free from the spell formation.

The turtle was swimming right in front of him, and Chen Ping did not dare to make a move against the turtle, for every move he made was accompanied by a counter-attack from the turtle’s armour.

Chen Ping was already anxious, he didn’t know how much time had pa*sed, and he didn’t know how Xiao Lan was doing up there. If Xiao Lan had really been won over by that Xia Chao, Chen Ping was afraid he wouldn’t forgive himself, after all, he was the one who instigated Xiao Lan to come and pay his respects to Xia Chao.

“Ah …………” Chen Ping suddenly shouted anxiously, “You dead turtle, I’ll give you a fight… ………”

Chen Ping roared, a faint golden light erupted from above his fist, followed by one punch after another towards the slow swimming turtle.

Boom boom boom …………

Fortunately, the spiritual energy in the spring was abundant, so the spiritual energy Chen Ping consumed could be made up for with the rapid distant rotation of his Heart Condensation Skill.

As Chen Ping punched the tortoise, the spell formation on the tortoise armor began to flash frequently, and a stream of energy was like a flying knife, constantly attacking Chen Ping.

Soon, Chen Ping was already bruised and battered, blood flowing out continuously, but Chen Ping gritted his teeth, anger burning in his heart, and didn’t flinch in the slightest, still swinging his fist after fist.

At this moment, Chen Ping is like a frenzied beast, his eyes are scarlet and he has long since disregarded his own safety, he does not want to be trapped here forever.

Click …………

Suddenly, a slight sound made the frenzied Chen Ping have a momentary moment of calm.

Chen Ping fixed his eyes and found that the large turtle that was swimming had a crack on top of its turtle armour at that moment.

Chen Ping was delighted, he thought he could not hurt this big tortoise, but now it seemed that this big tortoise was not an invincible existence.

Seeing that the turtle’s armour had cracked, Chen Ping increased the force of his hand once again, and his body was already drenched in blood from the energy in the formation, but Chen Ping did not care.

Chen Ping punched the turtle again and again, and the turtle, which had no feeling at all, would now shake a little after receiving a punch from Chen Ping, and even make some strange sounds out of his mouth, as if he was wailing.

After a few dozen punches from Chen Ping, the turtle’s armour finally cracked into pieces and fell off with a clatter, while the turtle’s body quickly sank downwards after letting out a miserable cry.

Along with the shattering of the turtle armor, that golden light around Chen Ping disappeared, and the binding of the spell formation disappeared along with it.

“Trying to run …………”

Chen Ping saw that the big tortoise wanted to sink underwater and escape, so he chased after it closely.

There was panic in the big tortoise’s eyes, without the protection of the tortoise armor and the spell formation on the armor, this big tortoise was like fish meat on a plate, it simply could not run away.

“Just now you trapped me with a spell formation, and now you want to run away? See if I don’t stew you into a king’s soup ……”

Chen Ping fought to catch up with the big turtle, grabbing the turtle’s head with one hand and preparing to kill the big turtle with one punch with the other.

Without the hard turtle armor, the big turtle could not withstand Chen Ping’s punch.

But just as Chen Ping was about to beat the turtle to death, the turtle let out a whimpering sound and then opened its mouth, and a crystal clear, thumb-sized bead came out of the turtle’s mouth.

Seeing this, Chen Ping grabbed the bead and looked at it carefully. He did not know what it was, but he could feel the spiritual energy emanating from the bead.