Phoenix Among Men Chapter 740

“I told you, you can’t fight me, don’t waste your time ……”

The humanoid monster slowly spoke, “This spring is my life, as long as the spring is there, I can live and breathe, do you still have the ability to drain the spring?”

The humanoid monster’s words caused Chen Ping’s eyes to light up instantly, and he seemed to have thought of something.

Chen Ping grinned, “I really have to thank you for the reminder, although I can’t drain the spring, I have a way to keep this spring away from me ……”

As Chen Ping finished speaking, a huge wave of spiritual energy emanated from inside his body, without the slightest stint, Chen Ping forced all of it out of his body.

Soon, a protective shield several meters square was formed around Chen Ping, the surrounding springs were squeezed to other places, not a drop of spring water existed around Chen Ping, all were blocked out by that protective shield.

Without the spring water, the humanoid monster looked at Chen Ping with some panic: “Concubine, what are you trying to do? This Dragon Cutting Sword is an old man’s possession, and because my soul was damaged, I hid the Dragon Cutting Sword here, so how can you snatch it away?”

“Now that I have seen it, it proves that I have a destiny with this sword, such a good sword, yet it is hidden here, isn’t it a waste?”

Chen Ping smiled coldly.

Inside this protective shield, there was no spring, and that humanoid monster would have no ability to resurrect.

“You dare to take my sword, I’ll kill you …………”

The humanoid monster burst into a rage and swung his sword towards Chen Ping.

As a result, it was shattered by Chen Ping’s fist again, and all the water droplets that floated away were instantly absorbed by the protective shield, and the humanoid monster never appeared again.

Seeing this, Chen Ping was overjoyed and walked towards the dragon chopping sword.

When Chen Ping got close to the sword, it made a humming sound and its body trembled slightly, as if it was responding to Chen Ping.

But when Chen Ping reached out to pull the Dragon Cutting Sword, a huge recoil force directly sent Chen Ping flying away.

“What’s going on here?”

Chen Ping frowned, now that he had destroyed the humanoid monster, how could he still not be able to pull the sword out?

Looking at the Dragon Cutting Sword in front of him, Chen Ping seemed to remember something and bit through his own finger and put a drop of blood on top of that Dragon Cutting Sword body.

Buzzing …………

Suddenly, the Dragon Cutting Sword trembled violently, and the drop of Chen Ping’s blood was instantly absorbed by the Dragon Cutting Sword, which then unexpectedly turned red in colour.

Boom …………

A violent explosion sounded, and the huge shockwave directly knocked Chen Ping out of the room, and the protective shield around Chen Ping was instantly shattered.

When Chen Ping got up with difficulty, he found that the Dragon Cutting Sword was rapidly flying towards him.

As soon as Chen Ping reached out, he directly grabbed the Dragon Cutting Sword, and in an instant Chen Ping could feel the connection with the Dragon Cutting Sword.

Soon, Chen Ping saw that his body’s blood actually began to flow through the Dragon Cutting Sword, as if the Dragon Cutting Sword had become a part of his body.

Slowly, the Dragon Cutting Sword became fainter and fainter, and in the end, it disappeared.

But at this moment, Chen Ping could still feel the Dragon Cutting Sword in his own hand.

And the spiritual energy that he had consumed was also filling up his entire dantian in an instant.

“Could this be the unification of the human sword?”

Chen Ping’s mind moved and the Dragon Cutting Sword instantly manifested in Chen Ping’s hand.

Chen Ping’s heart was ecstatic, this was simply a treasure sword, with this sword, Chen Ping would be able to easily kill Martial Zongs who had just broken through.

Clattering …………

Soon, the spring water in the eye of the spring began to pour rapidly into the place where the sword had just been inserted, and it was only a matter of moments before the spring became dry straight away and not a drop of spring water could be seen any more.

Chen Ping looked overhead and jumped out of the spring with a few leaps, and by now the pool below the spring, too, had dried up to the point where not a single water stain could be seen.

Even if Chen Ping tried hard to sense it, he could only sense a thin trace of spiritual energy between heaven and earth. It seemed that the spiritual energy of the Heavenly Martial Sect existed before because of the Dragon Chopper Sword.