Phoenix Among Men Chapter 747

But at that moment, a sudden gust of strong wind came and went directly towards Song Tie.

Song Tie was so frightened that she lost her face and her whole body backed up, resulting in an accidental fall.

“Now do you know how poorly you follow the woman beside Chen Ping?” Xiao Lan looked at Song Tie smugly, “You’re good looking, but you’re just a vase, what use is it to Chen Ping? Whereas we are not only good looking, we also know kung fu ……”

It was Xiao Lan who had just swung a punch towards Song Tie and scared him to the ground, she didn’t want this woman to pester Chen Ping.

In just a few days at the Miao Village, Xiaolan found that her heart had long since been given to Chen Ping and had unknowingly fallen in love with him, and now seeing Song Tie like this, Xiaolan was of course jealous.

“Miss Song, is everything alright?”

Chen Ping hurriedly helped Song Tie up.

Song Tie looked at Xiaolan with anger, tears in his eyes, and gritted his teeth, “I’m going to practice too, I’ll surpa*s you guys sooner or later, I’ll come back then ……”

After Song Tie finished speaking, he turned around and ran away crying, as a big star, where had he ever been humiliated like this.

After Song Tie left, Chen Ping looked at Xiao Lan helplessly, “Didn’t you just go a bit too far?”

“What? Are you hurt? If it was me who had just fallen, would you be heartbroken?” One second to remember

Xiaolan looked at Chen Ping with an expectant face, she hoped that Chen Ping would give her a positive answer.

“There seems to be rice still cooking in the pot, I’ll go check it out …………”

Chen Ping hurriedly ran towards the kitchen with his head down, as he didn’t know how to answer Xiaolan.

Xiao Lan pouted her lips and looked at Chen Ping’s back with some anger, “Humph, I don’t care how many women you have, I will get you ……”

After a simple dinner, Chen Ping locked himself inside his room to cultivate, he hoped that this cart of spirit stones would allow him to break through a small realm.

Sitting cross-legged on his bed, Chen Ping ran the Heart Condensation Technique, and the spirit stones in the courtyard began to emit a large amount of spirit energy, which then swarmed into Chen Ping’s body.

However, strangely enough, these spiritual qi did not enter Chen Ping’s dantian, but was quickly absorbed by the Dragon Cutting Sword.

Throughout the night, Chen Ping found that the spiritual energy in his body had not changed at all, but the cart of spiritual stones outside had long since disappeared.

“This …… this Dragon Chopping Sword is actually going to need to absorb spiritual energy?”

Chen Ping frowned, his face full of bitterness.

He himself didn’t even have enough spirit energy for cultivation, he had to look for resources everywhere, and now there was another Chopper Dragon Sword that was competing with him for spirit energy, which gave Chen Ping a headache.

“It’s time to eat …………”

At this time, Xiaolan had prepared breakfast and was calling Chen Ping.

Chen Ping walked out of his room and saw a sumptuous breakfast on the table, he couldn’t help but smile and said, “I didn’t expect you to have such a craft ……”

“I can do everything from washing and cooking to sewing and mending, when I was at the Miao Village ……”

Xiaolan had a smug look on her face, “If you marry me, you can have such a sumptuous breakfast every day!”

Chen Ping was stunned, he didn’t expect Xiao Lan to be so open-minded as to tell him this.

However, as far as cooking skills were concerned, Su Yuqi was indeed better than Xiao Lan, even Gu Ling’er was no match for this Xiao Lan.

“Don’t joke about it, I have a girlfriend ……”

Chen Ping smiled awkwardly and sat down at the table to prepare for dinner.

“What’s wrong with having a girlfriend? You know there are many people in the martial arts world who have three wives and four concubines, there are many people in our Miao Village who have married several wives ……”

Xiaolan said unfazed.

“That’s your Miao village, nowadays it’s all about monogamy and equality between men and women ……”

Chen Ping said as he lowered his head and ate his meal.

“Then I’ll be your lover, am I still not worthy of being your lover?”

Xiaolan came directly to Chen Ping’s side and sat down after him, unapologetically using her body next to Chen Ping.