Phoenix Among Men Chapter 750

And some young men who looked at Xiaolan with straight eyes were reprimanded by the family elders, and some were dragged away and beaten up violently.

Even the woman beside Chen Ping dared to look at her like that, wasn’t that seeking death?

Chen Ping also saw quite a few old acquaintances in the crowd: Wu Liuyi, the head of the Wu family in Jiangbei Province, and his son Wu Xi, Gao Baisheng, the head of the Bajiquan school, followed by Huo Laiyun and Huo Shan, the Bajiquan disciples he had seen last time in Tianfeng Town, and Sun Simiao, the head of the Pill King Mansion.

These people were old acquaintances of Chen Ping, and when they saw him, they came forward to talk to him, while the Wu Xi and Huo brothers could only stand at the back, they were not qualified to come forward.

At this moment, these young people’s eyes were full of envy, they were all of the same age as Chen Ping, but the difference between Chen Ping’s strength and status was a hundred thousand miles.

“In time, Mr. Chen will definitely become a shining star in the martial arts world ……”

Wu Xi said with a face of envy.

This time, neither Huo Laiyun nor Huo Shan dared to retort.

At the last Martial Arts Conference, Chen Ping was still only a Zongshi, but even then, they felt that it was out of reach, but now Chen Ping was already an existence capable of killing Martial Zongs, which was simply a miracle.

“Martial West …………”

Chen Ping, after following those in the Martial Dao world and climbing a few words, saw Wu Xi at the back and took the initiative to greet him.

“Mr. Chen ……”

When Wu Xi saw Chen Ping take the initiative to talk to him, he immediately went up to him excitedly.

At this time, it was an immense honor to be able to speak to Chen Ping.

In the past, Lin Tianhu was just an unknown gang leader in Hongcheng, and was no sh*t in front of the real bigwigs, but now that he was standing behind Chen Ping, many of the family heads of martial arts families went to take the initiative to speak to Lin Tianhu.

“Mr. Chen …………”

Huo Laiyun and Huo Shan also hurriedly came forward and followed Chen Ping to greet him.

However, both of them had embarra*sment on their faces, after all, at the last Martial Arts Conference, both of them had despised Chen Ping, especially Huo Shan, who had even made a move against Chen Ping at that time, and now when he thought about it, he still felt his face burning hot.

Chen Ping nodded towards the two with a slight smile, as a greeting, and then patted Wu Xi’s shoulder and said, “Your kid’s strength has increased quite a lot too ……”

Wu Xi heatedly smiled: “Thanks to Mr. Chen’s guidance, but compared to Mr. Chen, my progress is nothing ……”

“Work harder, there are no shortcuts in martial arts training, don’t be too eager to avoid going astray ……”

Chen Ping was not a martial artist, so his cultivation speed was entirely dependent on cultivation techniques and resources, if there was abundant spiritual energy, Chen Ping’s cultivation speed could be a little faster.

The martial artist is different, what is needed is hard cultivation, there is no shortcut, although some pills can help cultivation, but also need their own efforts, if you take the shortcut, you can only follow the same as Xia Chao, learn some evil arts, witchcraft, then, can become inhuman and ghostly.

“Thank you, Mr. Chen, for teaching me!” Wu Xi said with great devotion.

“Alright, don’t chat outside, quickly invite Mr. Chen in ……”

At this time, Sun Simiao spoke up, and only then did the crowd flock Chen Ping into the hotel.

After entering the hotel, since it was a buffet banquet, everyone ate casually and did not talk to Chen Ping about the Martial Alliance, after all, Chen Ping had rushed all day and had just arrived, so it was a bit inappropriate to talk about things directly.

This banquet today was entirely to welcome Chen Ping, and we would talk about the Martial Alliance afterwards, anyway, Chen Ping would not leave right away when he arrived, but those who could attend this banquet were all people from the martial arts world, ordinary people were not qualified to attend this kind of banquet at all.