Phoenix Among Men Chapter 753

The next morning, Ren Xian personally brought someone to pick up Chen Ping, and Sun Simiao also came with him, obviously wanting to see how Chen Ping was treated, so that he could learn something from it.

The Ren family lived in the western suburbs of Lingshou, covering an area of more than ten acres, which could be described as opulent and magnificent, and was a large family at first glance.

“Mr. Chen, we are just ahead, this area is all newly moved, the place where we used to live is too small ……”

Ren Xian said as he led Chen Ping in front.

“Ren family head, you are too modest, your previous place is several thousand square meters, it is still small, it is really rich and generous ……”

Sun Simiao said with a joking smile.

“Hahahaha, what wealthy and generous ah, in front of martial arts masters like Mr. Chen and Master Sun, money is all mundane ……”

Ren Xian said with a chuckle.

As soon as Chen Ping stepped into the Ren family, he felt that something was wrong, as if the entire Ren family was enveloped by something, although the aura was thin in the current society, it did not mean that there was none at all.

But as soon as Chen Ping stepped into the Ren family, he found that the thin spiritual energy that he could still feel had instantly disappeared, as if he had entered a vacuum.

As a natural charming body, Xiaolan was also very sensitive to the surrounding scent.

“Do you feel that something is not right?”

Chen Ping asked to Xiaolan.

Xiao Lan nodded: “Once I entered this courtyard, I always felt a sense of suffocation, the qi in my body seemed to be sealed by something, and there was no way to flow it out of my dantian.

Hearing this, Chen Ping smiled faintly and did not say anything, he knew that this Ren family must have been given a formation, but why the formation was given to the Ren family, Chen Ping did not know, it was better to see the patient first.

If the patient had nothing to do with this formation, Chen Ping did not want to ask about the formation, it was better for him to do more than one thing now.

“Mr. Chen, let me make you a cup of good Longjing tea, sit down first!”

After entering the room, Ren Xian greeted Chen Ping and sat down, then went to make the tea.

“Master, I’ll do it!”

A servant hurriedly said to Ren Xian.

After all, they were the underlings who did things like making tea and pouring water.

“Don’t worry about it, go upstairs and push Madam down, just say that a guest has arrived.

Ren Xian waved his hand.

The subordinate nodded and left.

Ren Xian made a pot of tea dragon well tea, then sat on the sofa and said, “Mr. Chen, try this dragon well, it’s all good new tea!”

“Master Sun, you also try it, this new tea is not common ……”

Ren Xian also greeted Sun Simiao.

Chen Ping smiled faintly, in fact he did not know how to taste tea, whatever tea came to his mouth, it almost always tasted the same.

Several people drank tea and chatted idly.

“Master Ren, when this villa of yours was being built, did you get a master to look at it!”

Chen Ping somewhat couldn’t help but ask to Ren Xian.

“Yes, the site, the construction, including the size and orientation were all pointed out by the master, it cost more than five million, I heard that this master is some kind of Tian Luo Pavilion, very famous!”

Ren Xian didn’t hide anything from Chen Ping, nodded and said.

“Tian Luo Pavilion?” Chen Ping frowned slightly, as if he had not heard of it.

However, when Xiao Lan, who was beside Chen Ping at this moment, heard this, she immediately exclaimed, “The people from the Tian Luo Pavilion gave this feng shui reading? So your family really has the honor, not to mention the five million, if there is no relationship, I’m afraid it is impossible to invite the Tian Luo Pavilion people.”


“Xiaolan, you know about the Tian Luo Pavilion?” Chen Ping asked.

“Of course I know, Tian Luo Pavilion is our southwest famous Daoist master Ni Xi Dao founded, and he used the secret art of feng shui, nine palace flying star and five elements eight trigrams to create a set of trapped dragon formation, even the martial arts strong people trapped in the formation is very difficult to escape, so this Tian Luo Pavilion is very famous in our area.”

Xiaolan followed Chen Ping and explained.