Phoenix Among Men Chapter 758

Ren Xian frowned slightly in embarra*sment.

This gilt pot was his favourite, legend had it that this gilt pot had been dug out from inside the tomb of a generation of empresses and was particularly beautiful.

But Ning Yu had asked for it, someone had looked after his wife’s illness, and Ren Xian had even said something big, so if he didn’t give it now, wouldn’t it be too humiliating?

“Alright, since you like it, then I’ll give it to you ……”

Ren Xian said with a helpless sigh.

And then gave a wink towards a servant, who hurriedly left.

Not long after, that subordinate came out with a gilt kettle.

“Ning Yu, this gilt kettle is worth a fortune, you must keep it well!”

Ren Xian took the gilt kettle and delivered it to that Ning Yu with great reluctance.

Ning Yu nodded slightly, not saying a word, but the expression on his face had long since become excited.

After receiving the gilt kettle, Ning Yu directly put the Yin Soul inside the porcelain vase into the gilt kettle, then followed Ren Xian and said goodbye, thinking of leaving.

But then Ning Yu was just about to leave, when he was stopped by Chen Ping.

“In fact, it is none of my business if you know the Imperial Soul Technique, but you are using it to harm people, so I have to take care of it!”

Chen Ping opened his mouth and said indifferently.

When Chen Ping said the three words Imperial Soul Art, that Ning Yu’s originally arrogant face was visibly stunned, and even the corners of that Ren Sicong’s eyes twitched.

“What are you, daring to stop Ning Yu!”

Ren Sicong stepped forward and questioned Chen Ping with a face full of anger.

“Mr. Chen, what are you doing?”

Sun Simiao saw that Chen Ping had actually stopped Ning Yu and opened his mouth to say something he could not understand, so he asked carefully.

“Mr. Chen, where did he offend you, Ning Yu? I can make amends to you on his behalf, and what is the meaning of you stepping in to stop him?”

Ren Xian also spoke up, although he still called out as Mr. Chen, but there was clearly some displeasure within his tone.

Ning Yu had just taken care of his wife’s illness, so Chen Ping stopped Ning Yu in front of him, this was too much.

“What I mean, you don’t understand, but he must understand!”

Chen Ping smiled faintly at that Ning Yu and fiercely shot out his hand towards the gilt pot in that Ning Yu’s hand.

Ning Yu’s entire body froze, and his body quickly retreated.

At the same time, when that Ren Sicong saw that Chen Ping had even made a move against Ning Yu, his face was furious and he slammed his fist fiercely towards Chen Ping.

“Sicong, don’t make a move!”

When Sun Simiao saw Ren Sicong strike at Chen Ping, he hurriedly shouted out and blocked in front of Chen Ping.

“Master Sun, you brought this man here, didn’t you? Does he feel he has lost face and is deliberately following Ning Yu to pick a fight?”

Ren Sicong withdrew his hand and questioned Sun Simiao.

At this point, Sun Simiao did not know exactly what Chen Ping meant, so he could only look back at Chen Ping and ask, “Mr. Chen, what exactly is this about?”

Sun Simiao felt that Chen Ping was not like that kind of small-minded person, and would certainly not make a move against that Ning Yu for this.

“Since you all want to know, then I’ll let you all see what’s going on!”

After Chen Ping finished speaking, he suddenly raised his hands and struck out a magic spell with great speed, only to see a flash of white light inside the room, followed by a shock to all of them.

Ren Sicong’s mother even shrieked in shock, because they saw that inside the room, there were countless black fogs floating, in clumps, and the black fogs were constantly changing their forms, as if they were severe ghosts, dancing with their teeth and claws.

The black mist was exactly the same as the one Ning Yu had just put inside the porcelain vase, but now there were so many that it filled the whole room.

Now, except for Chen Ping and Ning Yu, everyone’s faces changed colour in shock.