Phoenix Among Men Chapter 760

Ren Xian stared at his son, Ren Sicong, with a deadly look of confusion and questioning in his eyes.

“Sicong, what the hell is going on here?”

Ren Xian asked with an ice-cold face.

“Dad, don’t listen to this guy called Chen Ping’s nonsense, you don’t think I want to harm you guys, do you? How could I, Ning Yu wouldn’t either, he’s my best friend ……”

Ren Sicong looked a little flustered though, but was still trying his best to deny it.

Ren Xian is now also indecisive, after all, Ren Sicong’s is his own son, how could he possibly harm his loved ones, what good would that do him?

“Ning Yu, can what Mr. Chen said be true, did you deliberately choose a fierce land and also set up a formation?”

Ren Xian asked as he looked at Ning Yu.

Since his son did not know anything, it was possible that Ning Yu had tricked his son and secretly set it up.

However, Ning Yu did not pay attention to Ren Xian’s question, but looked at Chen Ping, his pupils slightly shrunk and said, “I did not expect that you also knew about Daoism, to be able to kill Xia Chao, you must be a quasi-Great Master strength, and now you know Daoism, at your age, you are also considered a genius …… ”

“You are young and can also learn such a dao method, you are also considered a genius, it is just a pity that you have taken the wrong path ……”

Chen Ping said with a cold smile.

“Hahahaha, taking the wrong path?” Ning Yu laughed out loud, his face full of disdain, “The path I take, there is no right or wrong, and no one is qualified to comment on me, I have studied with my master for four years and received most of his heritage, even my senior brother who has studied for dozens of years is inferior to me, I am the real genius, the future seat of the Heavenly Law Pavilion Master is mine, although you are strong and also considered a genius, but in my eyes what does it count as What ……”

Ning Yu’s tone was arrogant, following the humble look he had just had was completely different.

“Since you consider yourself a genius, then do you dare to admit what I said just now?”

Chen Ping looked at the arrogant Ning Yu and asked in a still calm manner.

“Admit it, why not, I just chose the Land of the Seven Deadly Spirits, that is, I laid the formation and invited the Yin Soul, within a month, everyone in the Ren Family will die violently, all these are my doing ……”

Ning Yu admitted it without hesitation.

After hearing this, Ren Xian’s entire body trembled with anger, his eyes widened, and his heart wanted to eat Ning Yu.

“Ning Yu, what nonsense are you talking about!” Ren Sicong was so frightened that he hurriedly reprimanded Ning Yu, and then looked at Ren Xian and said, “Dad, Ning Yu is talking nonsense, how could he do this, it wouldn’t be good for him either ……”

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Ren Sicong looked at Ning Yu and began to be silent, which was a tacit acceptance of Ning Yu’s words.

Seeing this, Ren Xian’s body shivered with anger and waited for Ren Sicong with a face full of anger, “b*****d, beast, I will kill you, you beast, why did you do this? From now on, you are no longer my Ren Xian’s son ……”

Ren Xian shivered and went forward to give Ren Sicong a slap, but he was pushed away by Ren Sicong in one fell swoop.

Ren Xian froze, because since he was a child, Ren Sicong had never dared to do this to him.

“Enough, I am not your son in the first place, nor am I the flesh and blood of the Ren family, there is no need for you to kick me out of the Ren family.”

Ren Sicong fought to growl.

“You …… what did you say? Don’t you dare say that again ……,” Ren Xian didn’t expect that Ren Sicong would dare to say something treacherous.

“I tell you, I am not your son at all, since I was young, you guys have always favored big brother, and you have always wanted to give the position of family head to big brother, I thought you guys gave the position of family head to big brother because you didn’t like me, then I realized after I saw my mother’s diary that I am not the flesh and blood of the Ren family at all, no wonder you guys are favoring big brother, I hate you guys, so I will kill you all to death, then all the Ren family’s properties will be mine ……”

Ren Sicong’s face became fierce, like a tiger in a frenzy, and he kept roaring.