Phoenix Among Men Chapter 783

Chen Ping didn’t have that ability to practice an earth-ranked elixir. At that time, Xu Changsheng looked at the Marrow Cleansing Pill he had taken and thought he had practiced it himself, but in fact it was given to Chen Ping by Long Wu.

Although he had obtained the Divine Peasant Cauldron, Chen Ping had not used it yet, so he himself did not know if he could practice the Marrow Cleansing Pill, and another thing was that Chen Ping was now lacking in spiritual power and had no way to refine pills.

“Hahahaha, Grand Elder, see, this brat has admitted it himself, at his age, how could he possibly practice an earth rank pellet, even the other two points you mentioned, I reckon they are exaggerations, he can kill a martial sect? And be able to see formations? It should all be you helping him from behind, right?”

The Third Elder said with a chuckle.

Xu Changsheng was somewhat speechless and swept a glance at the other elders and said, “Are you few not believing me?”

Xu Changsheng’s face was hard to read, obviously angry.

When several people saw that Xu Changsheng was angry, they also shut their mouths, after all, Xu Changsheng was the Grand Elder, and when the Valley Master was not around, Xu Changsheng had the final say.

“Grand Elder, don’t be angry, even if what you say is true, there is no way to save this girl now, the Valley Master has been out for two days, it is estimated that he will be back in two days ……”

The second elder said.

“Do you know where the valley master has gone?” Xu Changsheng was stunned, when he left, the Valley Master was still there, but now he had surprisingly left.

“Then who knows, we don’t dare to ask ah, the Valley Master just explained that we are at home to refine pills properly ……”

The second elder shook his head.

This time, Xu Changsheng was in a dilemma, the valley master was not here, the few of them did not have that ability to cure Xiao Lan, they could only wait for the valley master to return.

“Brother Chen, I’m really sorry, the Valley Master is not here, you can only wait here for a little while for two days, you can put this girl here first, although I don’t have the ability to cure her yet, but I can guarantee that nothing will happen to this girl within these few days.”

Xu Changsheng looked at Chen Ping with a slight apology and said.

Chen Ping counted the time, there were still a few days left before the 15th of July, it was fine to wear it inside the Pill God Valley for two days, so he nodded his head.

Xu Changsheng hurriedly took Chen Ping and put Xiao Lan into a room at the side of the Pill God’s Hall, the whole room was filled with the strong smell of herbs.

After settling Xiao Lan, Xu Changsheng asked Yu Dong to take Chen Ping to rest, and Xu Changsheng found a room close to the Pill God Hall for Chen Ping, so that he could see Xiao Lan.

Looking at Xu Changsheng’s respectful treatment of Chen Ping, the other elders all looked puzzled, as they did not believe that Chen Ping had the skills that Xu Changsheng had mentioned.

After staying at the Pill God Valley, Yu Dong brought Chen Ping three meals a day, and Chen Ping did not go out of the house.

He remembered the Shennong Cauldron, so he took it out and punched in a spiritual energy, which instantly made it bigger.

Looking at the one-person tall Shennong Cauldron, Chen Ping leapt up and sat directly inside it.

A large amount of spiritual energy emerged from inside the Shennong Cauldron and was then quickly sucked into Chen Ping’s body.

One night later!

It was just after dawn when a dazzling light suddenly shone across the entire valley of the Pill God Valley, and then the light dimmed and finally disappeared.

Everyone in the Pill God Valley was wondering what that bright light was, while inside Chen Ping’s room, Chen Ping looked at his body and felt the surging spiritual energy within his dantian, Chen Ping almost jumped up in excitement.

“A breakthrough, I’ve finally broken through another small realm ……”

Chen Ping slightly clenched his fists, and after opening the window, he swung towards a huge boulder that weighed a thousand pounds on a mountain not far away.

Rumble …………

The boulder was smashed to pieces, and the entire Pill God Valley shook on the ground as if an earthquake had occurred, while the stone chips that were scattered and strewn in all directions almost covered the entire Pill God Valley.