Phoenix Among Men Chapter 794

Looking closely, these fireballs, each with their teeth and claws open, were actually the heads of babies, and they were also emitting the cries of babies.

In an instant, dozens of fireballs came towards Chen Ping, and the cries sounded like a ma*s, which was very ominous to hear.

“Now you should believe it, right? If you are not an evil cultivator, how can you do such a technique? Those life increasing pills you have consumed are all made from the hearts of living babies, the sins you have committed, I am afraid you will have to spend a lifetime to pay for them ……”

Chen Ping looked back at Xu Changsheng and a few of their elders and said indifferently.

Xu Changsheng and the few elders’ faces turned very ugly, they had never thought that the so-called life increasing pills they were eating were actually refined from a baby’s heart, thinking about this, some people started to vomit.

If they knew this, they would rather not increase their life expectancy than to eat such heartless pills.

“Brothers, I didn’t expect that in these thirty years, we have practiced medicine and healed the sick and prided ourselves on being upright people, but we didn’t want to commit such a crime, our Medicine God Valley’s hundred year old reputation, I’m afraid it’s all been ruined, today we will fight to our death to kill this person who has ruined my Medicine God Valley’s reputation ……”

Xu Changsheng said to the several elders.

After saying that, Xu Changsheng’s body breath surged, followed by a leap and a fist that punched out a qi energy, directly exploding a fireball.

Seeing this, several other elders also leapt up and continuously swung their fists towards those fireballs.

Chen Ping also took out his own Zenglong Sword, and the flames on the Zenglong Sword burned brightly, much more vigorously than those fireballs.

Several sword qi was waved out, and several fireballs were instantly burst.

Faced with Chen Ping’s attack along with a few elders, the Pill God Valley Master frowned slightly.

Without the Great Dharma Protection Formation, it was impossible for the Pill God Valley Master to be a match for Chen Ping and these elders. At this moment, seeing several people attacking together, the Pill God Valley Master gritted his teeth and the flames all over his body instantly turned into countless fire showers, shooting towards several people.

At the same time, the Pill God Valley Master’s figure hurriedly retreated, intending to flee the Pill God Valley.

“Want to flee? It’s not that easy ……”

Chen Ping’s body leapt, and the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand swung fiercely forward, the flames on the Dragon Cutting Sword were like a fire-breather, and were directly sprayed out, shooting out tens of meters.

The Pill God Valley Master felt the strong wind coming from behind him and hurriedly rolled forward. Although he dodged the blow, his clothes were still burnt with a big hole and he looked very wretched.

At that moment, Xu Changsheng, with the rush elders, had already caught up and surrounded that Pill God Valley Master in a group.

Chen Ping stepped forward and pointed his Zenglong Sword at the Pill God Valley Master, his eyes full of murderous aura.

“Elder Xu, we have worked together for thirty years, I have refined many pills for you, is this how you treat me?”

The Pill God Valley Master looked at Xu Changsheng and asked in a very resigned manner.

“Shut up!” Xu Changsheng was filled with anger, “You evil cultivator, you borrowed my Pill God Valley’s reputation, and you actually did something harmful outside, you even took a baby’s heart to refine pills, you even did such things, making you the Pill God Valley Master is the biggest mistake I have done in my life, today I will use your blood to sacrifice to those dead souls… …”

Several other elders also looked at the Pill God Valley Master angrily, they never thought that the valley master that several people had pushed up was an evil cultivator, and also used the heart of a baby to refine pills, after so many years had pa*sed, they didn’t know how many babies had indirectly died at their hands.

When the Pill God Valley Master saw this, he fiercely gritted his teeth, and a black mist fiercely appeared between his hands, and soon the black mist coalesced into an orb.

“Since you want me to die, then we will die together ……”

The Pill God Valley Master hissed as the orb in his hand grew larger and larger, with a greenish glow that emanated from that orb.