Phoenix Among Men Chapter 805

Chen Ping picked up his chopsticks and slowly began to eat, not even looking at those people on the side.

The guy who had just struck at Chen Ping had a cold face and his hands clenched into fists, ready to attack Chen Ping again, but he was stopped by the Xuan Yuan gentleman with a wave of his hand.

After looking at Chen Ping twice, the Xuan Yuan gentleman found a place to sit down, and then someone went to prepare the meal for him.

A few minutes later, Chen Ping had eaten his fill, and only then did he stand up and walk out of the restaurant, without looking at those people directly since the beginning.

“Gongzi …………”

The guy who had just struck out, seeing Chen Ping walking out so arrogantly, looked at that Duke Xuan Yuan with a face full of a flurry of injustice.

Duke Xuan Yuan waved his hand and just looked at Chen Ping’s back and did not say anything.

After Chen Ping walked out of the restaurant, he originally planned to go and find that waiter and ask him to take him to their dormitory, then take a good rest and recuperate.

However, after looking around, Chen Ping surprisingly did not find that guy, probably because he saw someone was about to fight and was scared and hid.

Chen Ping had no choice but to walk out of the hotel and casually stroll around the streets of South China City.

Although South China City was small in size, it was close to the sea, and one could see the endless sea from where one stood.

There were also rows of sea view villas on the beach, and even though it was already night time, there were still many people swimming on the beach.

Chen Ping slowly walked towards the sea, this was the first time he had seen the sea with his own eyes, the endless sea made people look so small, in front of the sea, even if one was strong, it was still insignificant.

On the sea, far away, lighthouses are turning, their lights pointing the way for pa*sing ships, while looking at the distant lighthouses, Chen Ping himself is a bit confused, he does not know where his way is, and where his direction is.

Now Chen Ping was suddenly a little scared, he was afraid of knowing his own life, and even if he did, what could he do about it?

Slowly withdrawing his gaze, Chen Ping shook his head to stop himself from thinking about messy things, now he could only take one step and see what happened.

Chen Ping slowly strolled along the beach, with pretty girls in bikinis running past him from time to time, these girls all had fair skin and exceptionally good figures, Chen Ping only raised his eyes for a moment and then averted his gaze immediately afterwards.

Although these girls were pretty, they were far worse than Su Yuqi’s. In terms of temperament alone, these girls lost out.

Su Yuqi had grown up in a luxurious family, and the aura of a noble lady in her body was not something that any girl would have.

There was also that valiant aura on Gu Ling’er, which few girls would have. After all, Gu Ling’er used to be an agent of the Protector’s Court, and if she wore a uniform on her body, coupled with that perfect figure, it was simply great.

The image of Gu Ling’er’s naked body popped up in Chen Ping’s mind when he thought of her. Although Chen Ping was holding Gu Ling’er at the time and did not think about it, he found himself reacting when he thought about it.

After all, Chen Ping is also a normal man, he also has seven emotions and six desires, so it is normal to have a reaction when he remembers those images.

“Ai, I wonder where Uncle Long has taken them ……”

Chen Ping sighed slightly, it had been many days since he had contacted Su Yuqi and the girls, Chen Ping did miss them a little.

Just as Chen Ping sighed and was about to leave from the beach, suddenly a few figures in front of him made Chen Ping freeze.

He saw a few girls in front of him, wearing swimming costumes, playing on the beach and having a good time, and many men around him were focusing their attention on those girls.