Phoenix Among Men Chapter 807

Hearing Su Yuqi say so, the killing aura on Gu Ling’er’s body then slowly dissipated.

Wang Shuo looked at Su Yuqi, his eyes were full of ruthlessness and said, “D*mn, dare to hit me, I didn’t expect it to be a hot girl, today I will play you to death ……”

“Do it ……”

Wang Shuo finished, waved his hand and let the three strong men go towards Su Yuqi.

Chen Ping, who was not far away, saw that these three strong men were just ordinary people, not even martial artists, without a trace of breath on them, so he did not move, after all, with Gu Ling’er around, these three men were no match at all, and Su Yuqi would not be in trouble.

“You guys watch, I just happen to practice with these three guys ……”

Su Yuqi said, surprisingly, she went directly to meet those three strong men.

With a fierce punch, she swung out.

Boom …………

A muffled sound, a strong man was actually knocked out by Su Yuqi’s fist, his huge body flew out for more than ten meters, before he fell heavily on the beach.

This stunned the other two big men, as well as Wang Shuo, who looked incredulously at the scene in front of him and was directly stunned. He had never thought that Su Yuqi, a seemingly skinny girl, would be so strong.

Chen Ping, who was not far away, was also stunned. The punch Su Yuqi had just thrown was comparable to that of an internal energy martial artist.

It looks like Su Yuqi was also shocked by her own punch, and only after a long time did she say to Gu Ling’er excitedly, “Ling’er, is this …… what I punched out? Why is it so powerful?”

Gu Ling’er smiled, “Yuqi, your strength is now comparable to that of an internal energy martial artist, so if you hit these ordinary people, you will definitely fly away with a single punch, you have to gather some strength, or else you will kill them with one punch ……”

Su Yuqi nodded, and then looked at the two remaining strong men, as if seeing prey.

When the two strong men saw that look in Su Yuqi’s eyes, they felt bad and turned around and ran away, not caring about that their young master Wang.

Seeing his bodyguards running away, Wang Shuo was so frightened that he trembled and turned around and ran away in a hurry as well.

At this moment, Su Yuqi was no longer a swimsuit beauty in his eyes, but a frightening beast.

“Hey, why did they all run away? I haven’t had my fun yet, it’s too meaningless ……”

Seeing that Wang Shuo and the two bodyguards had all run away, Su Yuqi said with an unhappy face.

“Doesn’t it feel good to beat someone up?” Gu Ling’er asked as she smiled and patted Su Yuqi’s shoulder.

“Well, it’s so good, I really want to find an ungrateful one and beat him up ……”

Su Yuqi was still immersed in the feeling of beating someone up just now and nodded her head.

Just as Su Yuqi finished speaking, a hand suddenly rested on Su Yuqi’s shoulder.

That hand not only rested on Su Yuqi’s shoulder, but also gently stroked it.

Su Yuqi frowned, then turned around and swung a fist towards the back.

But when Su Yuqi turned around, the fist she swung out suddenly stopped, because she saw Chen Ping’s face, grinning at herself.

“Chen Ping …………”

When Su Yuqi saw that it was Chen Ping, she instantly jumped into Chen Ping’s arms and let Chen Ping pick herself up.

Su Yuqi’s excited look infected Chen Ping, and Chen Ping directly hugged Su Yuqi and spun her around twice.

Because Su Yuqi was wearing a swimming costume, Chen Ping hugged Su Yuqi and felt a softness on his chest that was very comfortable.

Seeing Chen Ping hugging Su Yuqi and spinning her around, Gu Ling’er at the side showed a smiling expression, looking like she was a bit jealous but didn’t dare to show it.

Chen Ping put Su Yuqi down and looked at Gu Ling’er with a slight smile and said, “Ling’er is wearing a swimming costume, her figure is not bad, do you want to carry you around a couple of times too?”