Phoenix Among Men Chapter 834

Chen Ping slowly squatted down and gently stroked the snow wolf’s blackened abdomen with one hand. A wave of spiritual energy slowly entered the snow wolf’s body, forcing all the fierce Qi out of it.

The snow wolf seemed to know that Chen Ping was treating itself, so it lay motionless, allowing Chen Ping to stroke it.

Soon, the snow wolf’s belly turned back to its snow-white appearance and slowly began to stand up.

Shaking the snow off his body, the snow wolf looked at Chen Ping with a grateful look.

“Ohhh …………”

The snow wolf raised its head with a growl, seemingly thanking Chen Ping.

“Alright, your body is fine now, you can go now, don’t get caught in the future ……”

Chen Ping patted the snow wolf’s head and said.

The snow wolf surprisingly let out a whimpering sound, then rubbed against Chen Ping’s leg.

“You don’t want to go?” Chen Ping looked at the Snow Wolf’s appearance and asked in a small voice.

The snow wolf nodded its head.

“This snow wolf is really humane, it can actually understand human speech ……”

Gu Ling’er said excitedly when she saw that the snow wolf could even understand Chen Ping’s speech.

“This snow wolf is quite good, but this size is too scary, if this gets a bite, it is estimated that the head will be lost ……”

Su Yuqi looked at the snow wolf in front of her, although the snow wolf did not have a trace of hostility, but Su Yuqi still felt a little scared.

The snow wolf seemed to understand Su Yuqi’s words and hurriedly laid down its body and slowly rubbed itself in front of Su Yuqi.

Just like a small wolf dog at home, it kept rubbing its head against Su Yuqi’s calf.

At first, Su Yuqi was shocked, but when she saw that the snow wolf was very well-behaved, she slowly reached out and touched it, and the white fur of the snow wolf was very silky in her hand, and there was a warm current.

The more Su Yuqi touched it, the more she liked it, and finally she actually squatted down and pressed her face tightly to the snow wolf’s body, instantly feeling the warmth around her body all around.

“Wooo …………”

The snow wolf kept arching its head against Su Yuqi, and Su Yuqi instantly understood what the snow wolf meant.

Slowly parting her legs, Su Yuqi rode on the Snow Wolf’s body.

Immediately afterwards, the snow wolf lifted up Su Yuqi and began to race across the snow.

As the wind whistled, Su Yuqi grabbed the snow wolf’s fur with both hands, her whole body was so excited that she shouted with joy.

Seeing this, Gu Ling’er and Xiao Ru immediately chased after her.

“I’ll ride for a while, I’ll ride for a while …………”

Gu Ling’er and Xiao Ru shouted.

Soon, Su Yuqi ran a lap down, Gu Ling’er sat on it, then in for Xiao Ru’s, the three girls followed the snow wolf and had a great time!

Seeing this scene, Chen Ping gave a helpless laugh, he understood that this snow wolf was too cunning, in order to let himself keep it, this was to make the women happy in advance, after all, it was all women who were in charge now!

After playing for a while, the three girls followed the snow wolf back, as soon as they saw Chen Ping, Su Yuqi was the first to speak up, “Chen Ping, this snow wolf is staying, you can’t chase it away!”

“Right, you can’t chase it away, or else the three of us will follow the snow wolf and not join you ……”

Gu Ling’er threatened at Chen Ping.

“Brother Chen, this snow wolf is really nice, just stay ……” Xiao Ru also began to plead for the snow wolf!

Chen Ping looked at the three girls, a helpless face, things have come to this point, not popular can not be.

Chen Ping looked at that snow wolf, he actually saw a bit of smugness in that snow wolf’s eyes, obviously this was a tactic used by the snow wolf!

“Alright, let the snow wolf stay!”

Chen Ping nodded his head.

The three girls were overjoyed, with the snow wolf, the journey wouldn’t be too boring, and they could ride on the snow wolf’s body when they were tired, much more comfortable.

Zhao Barging followed Chen Ping and the others towards the hinterland of Dragon Lock Island, this time Xiao Ru didn’t chase Zhao Barging away, and Chen Ping didn’t say anything either.