Phoenix Among Men Chapter 838

The ice dragon made of countless ice blocks in front of him was also clearly like this, not a real dragon at all.

However, the glittering red dragon crystal inside the head of the dragon was real, and it was possible that the dragon was being driven by this crystal.

Chen Ping was staring at the ice dragon while it was chasing after the man in the suit.

The man in the suit seemed to have reached his limit and was no longer able to raise his body, which began to fall, while the ice dragon below was waiting for the man with its mouth wide open.

The man in the suit’s face was chilled, suddenly backhanded, a soft sword with a cold glow appeared in his hand, fiercely lifting a breath, his body facing downwards, waving the long sword in his hand, directly stabbing the ice dragon’s head.

Snort ……

The ice dragon saw the man in the suit stabbing at himself and immediately spewed out a burst of inky liquid from its mouth, which was obviously pool water, and this instant the air around it instantly became a few more shades colder.

Faced with the black liquid spewed out by the ice dragon, instead of dodging, the man in the suit showed a hint of joy on his face.

The man in the suit pointed his long sword at the black liquid and, from high above, stabbed the ice dragon directly in the head, obviously heading for the dragon crystal.

Clang ……

A metal clash sound, only to see a flash of fire, the ice dragon was unharmed, while the man in the suit was vaguely numbed by the shock.

The man in the suit’s body rose up again with the force of the sword, but his face was full of gloom.

The ice dragon’s body was incomparably strong and could not be hurt at all. Even if some wounds appeared, they could be repaired quickly, after all, the ice dragon was a pile of ice, and in such cold weather, cracks in the ice could be frozen quickly.

The man in the suit, with the power of his sword, rose up again, but after he had exhausted himself, his body fell back again, this time intending to attack the ice dragon in the same way.

But this time, instead of spitting black liquid, the ice dragon’s entire body suddenly bulged up, followed by a fierce tail swipe towards the man in the suit.

The tail of the ice dragon, with a whistling sound, went towards the man in the suit. The man in the suit looked horrified, but he had no way to use his strength in mid-air, so he could only hold his soft sword and desperately resist the sweeping tail of the ice dragon.


With a muffled sound, the man in the suit was directly jerked out and fell heavily on the shore, his face extremely ugly, but the man in the suit still managed to slowly climb up by his will.

Seeing this scene, both Chen Ping and Qin Xiaoxian, who was hiding in the shadows, could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

The man in the suit was a Martial Sect, but when he faced the ice dragon, he was swept out by a tail, so it was clear that the ice dragon’s strength was extraordinary.

Looking at the ice dragon in mid-air, Chen Ping reached out his hand and the Dragon Chopping Sword appeared in his hand, facing the ice dragon, Chen Ping had to go all out.

Seeing Chen Ping take out his weapon, Qin Xiaotian was a little anxious: “Second brother, this kid Chen Ping might be about to make a move, we can’t let him take the dragon crystal ……”

“No one is allowed to move ……” Qin Xiaoxian stopped Qin Xiaotian who was about to rush out.

The reason why Qin Xiaoxian still didn’t move was because he knew that Chen Ping couldn’t possibly defeat the ice dragon that easily, and when Chen Ping followed that ice dragon in a two-way fight, he was going out to reap the benefits.

When the man in the suit saw that Chen Ping wanted to make a move against the ice dragon, his eyes narrowed slightly and he began to recite the words under his breath.

As the man in the suit kept spitting out notes from his mouth, the pool of water that had just calmed down boiled up again.

It looked like the man in the suit did not want Chen Ping to make a move against the Ice Dragon.

Waves splashed everywhere, and countless black mist swarmed towards the man in the suit, and when it reached the front, soon all those black mist burrowed into the man in the suit’s body.