Phoenix Among Men Chapter 841

The man in the suit had black mist rising from his palms and was ready to strike at Qin Xiaoxian.

But at that moment, the originally calm water of the pond suddenly became furiously windy, and soon a pillar of water rushed out from the pond, followed by a big black hole that was too deep to see the bottom.

Soon, the ice dragon rose up from the dark hole, and in its head, the dragon crystal began to shine with a blinding light that even compared to the sun.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes emitted hot greed, and they all knew that what was inside that ice dragon’s head was definitely a dragon crystal.

“Dragon crystal?”

Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai also exclaimed in shock after seeing what was like a night pearl in the ice dragon’s head.

The two of them had come late and had not noticed the dragon crystal just now, but at this moment when they saw it, the two of them had eyes full of burning heat, this dragon crystal was a priceless treasure to them.

Even the man in the suit, who had just been seriously injured, could not help but stop in his tracks after seeing the dragon crystal that kept emitting light inside the ice dragon’s head, his eyes filled with greed.

The ice dragon that rose up in the air, with its bloody mouth wide open, swept its eyes over the crowd.

When it spotted the man in the suit not far away, the ice dragon sprang out and headed straight for the man in the suit, it was looking for the man who had injured it.

When the man in the suit saw the ice dragon coming straight for him, his face turned pale with fear, he didn’t have the strength to fight the ice dragon now, not to mention the fact that there were many people around him watching him.

The ice dragon was so fast that the badly injured man in the suit did not have the chance to dodge, and his whole body was directly sprayed with an inky liquid by the ice dragon.

When the crowd saw this scene, they couldn’t help but tremble slightly, but none of them retreated in the face of the lure of the dragon crystal inside the ice dragon’s head.

They had come here for the treasure, and now that it had appeared, how could they possibly give up.

“Everyone in the Xuan Yuan family, listen to the order, follow me to kill this Ice Dragon and seize the treasure!”

Xuan Yuan Kai looked at the dragon crystal in the ice dragon’s head, so he ordered with a grit of his teeth.

Soon, the people Xuan Yuan Kai had brought with him followed him and charged up.

The Ice Dragon, who had wanted to retreat back into the cave, saw that a group of people were suddenly attacking him, so he also threw back his head and hissed, opening his bloody mouth to prepare for the battle.

Chen Ping, who was far away, could not help but frown slightly when he saw this scene. With these people brought by Xuan Yuan Kai, there was no way that they could be a match for the Ice Dragon.

Ding ding dang ……

In the blink of an eye, all the weapons of the Xuan Yuan family all slashed at the Ice Dragon’s body, the weapons all contained powerful qi and were extremely strong, a burst of fire splashed everywhere, the Ice Dragon’s body appeared with white marks and even a tiny wound, but it quickly healed again.

Hissing ……

The ice dragon hissed loudly, and its huge tail swept directly towards Xuan Yuan Kai and the others.

When they saw the ice dragon attack, all of the Xuan Yuan family members couldn’t help but rush back, but some were still swept and fell heavily to the ground, injuring themselves quite badly.

Xuan Yuan Kai’s face was gloomy when he saw this situation, but he had no intention of giving up, as the lure of the dragon crystal was too great.

“Cheng Kun, are you just going to watch from the sidelines? Let me tell you, if we fight alone, we will both be killed by this ice dragon and no one will get the dragon crystal, so why don’t our two families join forces and after we get the dragon crystal, how about our two families share it equally?”

Xuan Yuan Kai knew that Faint could not fight this ice dragon by their own strength, so he planned to join hands with the Perak Sect.

Cheng Kun looked at Xuan Yuan Kai, in fact, he also had this intention, although the two did not see eye to eye, but at this moment, they had no choice but to join forces.

“Good, let’s join forces to kill this ice dragon and take out the dragon crystal ……”

Cheng Kun nodded his head.