Phoenix Among Men Chapter 843

In order to let Chen Ping take the dragon crystal, the old leader had given too much, even his own life, so how could he let someone else get ahead of him and take the dragon crystal away.

“Brother Kun ……” Zhao Barging wanted to say something else, but Cheng Kun simply wouldn’t listen.

“Zhao Barging, I told you to get lost, do you hear me ……”

Cheng Kun looked at Zhao Barging angrily.

Zhao Barging looked at Xiao Ru who had a determined face and finally gritted his teeth and said, “Brother Kun, Brother Kai, don’t blame your brothers for not being righteous, none of you can touch Xiao Ru or you will step over my Zhao Barging’s body ……”

After Zhao Barging finished speaking, those of his men came over and protected Zhao Barging.

This time, Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai led the men and followed Chen Ping and Zhao Barging to confront each other.

He was hoping that the two sides would fight quickly, so that they would be able to reap the benefits of the fight.

Chen Ping, Su Yuqi and the others gave a grateful glance at Zhao Chuan, not expecting this dodgy gigolo to end up being so kind and loyal to Xiao Ru.

Xiao Ru was also touched, and her eyes were full of tenderness as she glanced at that Zhao Barging.

“Now that we fight, you guys don’t necessarily have a sure win, I still say, let me have the dragon crystal, I can make up for your pills ……”

Chen Ping looked at the situation on the scene and knew that his side plus those men of Zhao Baptist and Snow Wolf, those men of Cheng Kun and Xuanyuan Kai were not necessarily opponents, so he said.

“Less f*cking bullsh*t, Dragon Crystal cannot be allowed ……”

Cheng Kun was all angry, not letting up in the slightest, and the scene was full of gunpowder, looking like they were about to battle it out.

The temptation of the dragon crystal is too great, so no matter Cheng Kun and Xuan Yuan Kai, there is no way they can easily give it to Chen Ping’s, to be able to find the ice dragon, this is a once in a lifetime good opportunity, how can they let go.

Chen Ping frowned and was in a dilemma, but just when he didn’t know what to do, the ice dragon unexpectedly let out a roar and then reentered the cave head first.

The dark cave entrance, after the ice dragon had entered, the pool of water instantly poured down.

Seeing this, Chen Ping did not hesitate to follow suit and dive in!

Shortly after Chen Ping dived into the hole, the dark hole was filled with pool water and the whole pool returned to its original calmness!

At this moment, everyone looked dumbfounded, no one had expected Chen Ping to dare to leap into the pool of water.

“Chen Ping …………”

“Brother Chen …………”

Su Yuqi and the girls shouted, but there was no movement in the water pool!

Su Yuqi and the girls cried out of anxiety.

But at this time, Chen Ping, who was under the water of the pool, was also faced with a life and death decision.

With his current strength, it would not be easy for him to get the dragon crystal alone, but when he thought of his suffering mother, Chen Ping put his heart on the line!

After jumping into the cave, Chen Ping’s body descended rapidly, but the water did not flow into the cave, it only sealed the cave, as if there was something inside the dark cave that was blocking the water from flowing in!

Soon, Chen Ping’s body landed on something soft, like an inflated balloon, and Chen Ping’s body landed on it and was bounced out some distance.

Chen Ping could not see anything in the dark hole and could only carefully use his divine sense to probe the surroundings, but he did not detect the presence of the ice dragon at all, which made Chen Ping very puzzled.

A ball of flame rose up in Chen Ping’s palm, illuminating the cave considerably as well. Stepping on something soft under his feet, Chen Ping walked forward for some distance and surprisingly found the dragon crystal resting steadily on a stone.