Phoenix Among Men Chapter 847

“You kid, bring the dragon crystal …………”

At that moment, that Cheng Kun broke through the block and came towards Chen Ping with a sword, his eyes fixed on the Dragon Crystal in Chen Ping’s hand with a deadly stare.

Seeing Cheng Kun rushing over with a knife, Su Yuqi’s face instantly changed.

Chen Ping, on the other hand, frowned and immediately followed with a slap!

With a bang, a sound like steel hitting steel, Chen Ping’s palm actually broke Cheng Kun’s sword directly, while Cheng Kun’s body flew backwards directly.

Cheng Kun was only a Grand Master, so he was no match for Chen Ping. Chen Ping’s body had taken the Body Tempering Pill and was as hard as iron.

Cheng Kun fell to the ground and felt as if his whole arm had been shattered. He looked at Chen Ping in some shock, the power of Chen Ping’s slap just now was not something that a Grand Master could possess.

Could it be that this guy was hiding his strength?

Cheng Kun looked at Chen Ping in front of him, although he was salivating over the Dragon Crystal in Chen Ping’s hand, he did not dare to grab it blindly anymore.

“Ling’er, you look after Yu Qi ……”

Chen Ping handed Su Yuqi over to Gu Ling’er to watch over her.

After all, Gu Ling’er’s strength was much stronger than Su Yuqi’s, although Su Yuqi had also gained some strength, dealing with some landlubbers was fine, in front of these great masters, this strength was not worth mentioning.

Gu Ling’er nodded and protected Su Yuqi’s body.

Chen Ping took the dragon crystal and swallowed it in one gulp without hesitation.

The Dragon Crystal entered Chen Ping’s body, and the overwhelming spiritual qi instantly filled Chen Ping’s entire body, and as the Heart Condensation Technique ran, Chen Ping’s dantian hungrily absorbed the spiritual qi emitted from the Dragon Crystal.

Chen Ping had never felt such a rich spiritual energy before. With this dragon crystal, Chen Ping would be able to absorb spiritual energy all the time, which would help Chen Ping’s cultivation tremendously, no wonder the old dragon leader risked his life to find a way for Chen Ping to get the dragon crystal.

The sudden outburst of spiritual energy from Chen Ping’s body caused all the people who had been fighting around him to stop.

Chen Ping’s eyes were fiery and his aura had changed to one of freshness, as if he was an immortal descending from the earth.

All of Chen Ping’s muscles exuded a fresh aura, and the hundreds of metres of snow around him actually began to melt, revealing green gra*s on the ground.

Immediately afterwards the snow melted over a larger and larger area, and in the end the melted snow water converged into a river and flowed into the sea, while the snow melted and the exposed ground became vibrant with life!

In the future, half of the icy and biting cold of Locked Dragon Island will no longer exist ……

“Gra*s, this guy has eaten the dragon crystal ……”

Seeing that Chen Ping had actually swallowed the dragon crystal, Cheng Kun roared with a burst of anxiety.

“Chen Ping, this dragon crystal is a priceless treasure, even trading it for a city would not be too much, you actually gave it to eat ……”

Qin Xiaoxian roared in anger when he saw that Chen Ping had actually eaten the dragon crystal.

“While the dragon crystal is still being digested, just cut him open and take out the dragon crystal ……”

Xuan Yuan Kai’s eyes showed a fierce light and the sword in his hand was about to stab towards Chen Ping.

But before Xuanyuan Kai could move, that Qin Xiaoxian slapped his palm at Chen Ping, if he could get the dragon crystal, back to the Qin family land, he would definitely get reused, maybe he could even get into the clan’s inner cabinet!

Seeing Qin Xiaoxian attacking him, Chen Ping was not careless, but his body shook and a terrifying aura shook out.

At this moment, Chen Ping’s spiritual energy was abundant, and his body was filled with inexhaustible power!

“Blood Desolate Hand ……”

Qin Xiaoxian roared, his hands instantly transformed into palms into claws, and above his hands was even a cohesive force, which was so fierce that even steel could be instantly torn apart.

He was using his hands to directly tear Chen Ping’s body into two pieces and take out the dragon crystal that Chen Ping had swallowed!