Phoenix Among Men Chapter 854

When Xuan Yuan Kai and Cheng Kun saw Zhao Liguo’s expression, they also felt bad, this time the dragon crystal was even more out of their reach.

After Chen Ping felt the gaze from Zhao Liguo, his body instantly took two steps backwards.

“You swallowed the dragon crystal?”

Zhao Liguo asked as he turned to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded, but did not speak!

“Dad, they’re all my friends, big brother Chen he …………”

“Shut up ……”

Zhao Liguo turned his head and glared at Zhao Beng, before ordering his men, “You guys take the young master away first ……”

Two experts from the Shadowless Villa came over and directly set Zhao Bargan up and left, no matter how much Zhao Bargan struggled, it was useless!

After setting Zhao Bargan up, Zhao Liguo looked at Chen Ping and extended his hand, “Kid, spit out the dragon crystal, I can safely take you away ……”

“Uncle Zhao, this dragon crystal has been swallowed by this kid for a while, I guess it’s all digested, I guess he won’t be able to spit it out ……”

Xuan Yuan Kai said to Zhao Liguo.

“Foolish ……” Zhao Liguo snorted coldly, not even looking at Xuan Yuan Kai, but staring at Chen Ping with icy eyes, an invisible pressure that instantly enveloped Chen Ping.

Chen Ping immediately felt a large mountain pressing down on him, followed by his legs beginning to tremble slightly.

“You kid still has some skills ……”

Zhao Liguo was a little surprised to see that his own mighty pressure had not been able to overwhelm Chen Ping.

Chen Ping was only at the strength of the seventh grade of Grand Master, how could he carry his own mighty pressure?

One must know that the momentum of the mighty pressure emanating from Zhao Liguo, even for an expert who had just stepped into the realm of Martial Sect, would not be able to stand!

“I obtained the Dragon Crystal, I won’t give it to anyone unless I die ……”

Chen Ping slowly offered up the Dragon Chopper Sword!

The bright red blood flowing from the top of the Dragon Chopper Sword was clearly visible ……

“I didn’t expect you, a mere Grand Master, to have such a precious sword in your hand, it seems that this time, I have made a trip worthwhile ……”

Zhao Liguo’s eyes brightened up even more when he saw the Dragon Cutting Sword in Chen Ping’s hand.

Chen Ping mobilized his entire body’s spiritual energy, and his body’s aura continued to rise up.

Facing an expert like Zhao Liguo, Chen Ping was afraid that even though he had taken the Body Tempering Pill and his body was like a bronze wall, it would still be difficult for him to receive a blow!

“Kid, I’m saying it again, spit out the dragon crystal, in addition to handing me this sword as well, and for the sake of you being a friend of Barging Er, I’ll take you away ……”

Zhao Liguo once again said to Chen Ping.

“I told you, unless I die ……”

Chen Ping said with a firm look in his eyes.

“It’s easy for you to die, don’t you think about those two little girls behind you?”

Zhao Liguo pointed at Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er, who were on the side, and said.

Chen Ping looked at the two, as if he was saying the best goodbye, and then his eyes gazed at Zhao Liguo: “It has come to this, and there is nothing to think about, but even if I blow myself up, you will never get the Dragon Crystal ……”

When Zhao Liguo saw that Chen Ping was actually soft and hard, his face became incomparably gloomy!

The terrifying aura instantly enveloped Chen Ping, Chen Ping only felt his whole body tighten, he tried to resist by waving the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, but found that it was very difficult for him to even make a move with his sword!

Zhao Liguo was afraid that Chen Ping would blow himself up, so he took the lead in controlling Chen Ping, and then slapped Chen Ping’s head with a palm strike!

“Ah …………”

Seeing Zhao Liguo’s palm slap, Chen Ping roared in anger as a burst of golden light suddenly shot out from his body, and a barrier appeared in front of Chen Ping.

It was a pity that this barrier, did not stop Zhao Liguo, Zhao Liguo did not even pause for a moment as his palm slapped directly at Chen Ping’s head!

But just when Zhao Liguo’s palm was only a few centimetres away from Chen Ping, and Chen Ping could even feel the aura of death, suddenly Zhao Liguo stopped.