Phoenix Among Men Chapter 857

After all, a small city mob like Lin Tianhu could be a hall of the Heavenly Dragon Temple, so it was clear that this Temple was also of average strength.

Although the later Red Phoenix was not a bad strength and was a Zong Shi, but in the entire martial arts world, where there were as many Zong Shi as dogs, it did not cause Chen Ping to pay much attention to it.

But it was not until yesterday, when the old dragon leader spilled the beans, that he learned his identity, that the ring was actually a token of love given to his mother by his own father, and that in addition to the fact that a supreme master like Zhao Liguo was actually one of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, that it shocked Chen Ping.

He now wanted to know who his father was, how he had created the Heavenly Dragon Hall, and why the strength of the various halls of the Heavenly Dragon Hall differed so much!

But there didn’t seem to be anyone who could help Chen Ping answer these questions, so he could only rely on himself to find out.

Right now, Chen Ping was looking forward to where the next hall of the Heavenly Dragon Hall would be and how strong it would be.

If there were a few more halls of such strength as the Shadowless Villa, Chen Ping might be able to destroy the Dragon Family and save his mother by relying on the strength of the Heavenly Dragon Hall.

Just as Chen Ping was contemplating, someone suddenly burst out outside and shouted.

“Who is so bold as to trespa*s on Dragon Lock Island?”

Hearing someone burst out a shout outside, it should be someone from the Dragon Family.

“Hall Master, it should be someone from the Dragon Family, I’ll go out and take a look ……”

Zhao Liguo heard the explosive shout and said to Chen Ping.

“I will go with you, you must not reveal my identity ……”

Chen Ping said.

Zhao Liguo nodded and walked out along with Chen Ping.

At this moment in front of them a huge cruise ship was parked not far away, on the deck of the cruise ship, Long Xing Xu was standing proudly with his head, followed by quite a few members of his family, looking at the originally cold and biting snow on Locked Dragon Island was gone, replaced by a brown mud and rocks, Long Xing Xu’s eyebrows were tightly knitted together.

It was obvious that such a change on Locked Dragon Island must be because the Dragon Crystal had been taken away, and although this was only a legend, it did not mean that it was not true.

Now all he had to do was to find a way to stop this person who had obtained the Dragon Crystal, preferably leaving no one on the island behind.

“Lord Dragon, I am Zhao Liguo of the Shadowless Villa, I have no intention of trespa*sing on the Dragon Lock Island, it’s just that my dog’s son is greedy for fun, I just brought him back ……”

Zhao Liguo said as he looked at Long Xingxu who was standing proudly with his head.

The moment Zhao Liguo stepped out, Long Xing Xu had already seen it, and at this moment, he was calculating in his mind whether the dragon crystal on the island had been taken by that Zhao Liguo, if that was the case, I am afraid that with his current strength, there was no way to stop Zhao Liguo.

“So it’s Zhao Zhuang master, you came to look for your son, you should always say hello to my Long family in advance, after all, like your strength, anyone just board the island, then this Locked Dragon Island will become a deserted island in no time ……”

Long Xingxu said without being condescending.

With the Dragon Family behind him, so even when facing an expert like Zhao Liguo, Long Xingxu did not have much panic.

“Duke Long, I’ll make a note of it, next time I come to Locked Dragon Island, I’ll definitely talk to you, it’s too late, I have to rush back, so I won’t talk to Duke Long any more ……”

Zhao Liguo said, waved his hand towards his men, the yacht instantly started up, and sailed away in the distance right under Long Xing Xu’s eyes.

Long Xing Xu looked at Zhao Liguo who was about to leave, his face turned ugly, but did not make a move to stop him, because he knew his strength, he could not stop him at all ……

As long as the Chen Ping who is beside Zhao Liguo, that Long Xing Xu did not even put into his eyes, he simply could not imagine that the dragon crystal would be obtained by Chen Ping, and even more so, the person that the Long family is looking for, is also Chen Ping ……