Phoenix Among Men Chapter 865

“What’s wrong?” Xiaolan, who was on the side, saw that Chen Ping’s face didn’t look right and asked.

“Nothing, let’s go ……”

Chen Ping took Xiaolan out of the airport and prepared to take a taxi home!

But just as Chen Ping reached out to stop a taxi, a luxurious Rolls Royce stopped in front of Chen Ping.

“Mr Chen, get in ……”

The window rolled down and the person driving was Bai Zhantang!

Chen Ping glanced at Bai Zhan Tang and looked a little surprised, not understanding how this guy could be in Hongcheng and how he knew he was back.

Just as Chen Ping was about to ask what was going on, Bai Zhan Tang spoke again, “Mr. Chen, get in first, let’s talk in the car ……”

It looked like Bai Zhantang was in a hurry!

Chen Ping sat directly on the pa*senger side and Xiao Lan sat in the back row, then Bai Zhantang stepped on the gas with one foot.

“How did you end up in Hongcheng?”

Chen Ping asked to Bai Zhantang.

“Mr. Chen, not only am I in Hongcheng, my grandfather is here too, you don’t know that during this period of time, many people have been prying about you and wanting to find you, quite a few people have come to Hongcheng alone, my grandfather was worried about the safety of Mr. Chen’s family, so he brought the Bai family over, we’ve all been in Hongcheng for a month… …”

Bai Zhantang said.

“Looking for me?” Chen Ping frowned.

“Yes, looking for you, it seems to say something about dragon crystals, I’m not really sure, and many of the people looking for you claim to be from Kyoto, but I don’t know them, even my grandfather doesn’t know those people, but those people are all experts ……”

Bai Zhan Tang’s voice was trembling a little as he spoke, obviously frightened by those people.

Chen Ping dawned on him and understood that the matter of him swallowing the dragon crystal must have been released to the public, so many people were looking for him for the sake of the dragon crystal.

Since they couldn’t find themselves, they finally chose to come to Hongcheng to look for them.

“Is my family alright? Have all those people left?”

Chen Ping’s heart clenched together as he worried about comforting his parents.

He had sent his parents back to the countryside just to avoid his own parents being implicated.

“Oh, it’s all fine, these people are quite polite, they didn’t find you and all left, they didn’t make things difficult for us, only …… only ……”

Bai Zhantang said here, suddenly did not know what to say.

“Only what? Say it ……”

Chen Ping urged.

“Only there are two people who said they were looking for you to seek revenge, injured Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix, now still in Hongcheng, my grandfather and ancient accompanied all day, good food and drink to serve, have stayed for ten days, it is Lin Tianhu’s men with mobile phones to report, I only know that Mr. Chen came back today, so my grandfather hurriedly sent me over to pick up Mr. Chen, by the way, to tell you, for the time being to hide ……”

“Who are those two people? How are Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix doing?”

As soon as Chen Ping heard that Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix were injured, a murderous aura permeated his body.

“It seems to be what Heavenly Martial Sect and what Heavenly Law Pavilion, I’ve never heard of them either, but those two people are too powerful, all of them are Martial Sects, grandpa can only stabilize the other side first, and then in informing Chen to hide ……”

Bai Zhan Tang said.

As soon as he heard of the Tianwu Sect and the Tianluo Pavilion, Chen Ping instantly understood!

“Ni Sidao, Xiahou Dun …………”

Chen Ping’s eyes faintly stared, killing intent in his eyes!

“Yes, it seems to be these two names!” Bai Zhan Tang nodded his head as soon as he heard that, and then said, “Mr. Chen, I’ll drive you out of the city first now, so you can find a place to hide first ……”

Xiao Lan at the back heard the Tian Wu Sect and Tian Luo Pavilion, her face also suddenly changed, she knew these two sects, at that time Chen Ping followed Xiahou Dun over the moves, he was not a match for Xiahou Dun at all, and now there was an even more powerful Ni Xidao, the two joined forces, Chen Ping was even less of a match.