Phoenix Among Men Chapter 874

At this moment, Chen Ping only wanted to use the quickest method to improve his strength, the enemies he faced were getting stronger and stronger, if he didn’t improve his strength as soon as possible, he couldn’t even protect his loved ones around him, so how could he talk about saving his mother.

Now Chen Ping no longer cared about anything, even if there were other people present, Chen Ping no longer hid himself and directly ran the Heart Condensation Technique to absorb other people’s energy.

It had only been a few months, but Chen Ping’s strength had developed so rapidly.

In the beginning, Chen Ping had to rely on himself to cover him, but now?

I am afraid that even a Gu Wentian is not as good as a Chen Ping, no matter in terms of strength or status.

He had put the future of the Bai family on Chen Ping’s shoulders, and now he seemed to have bet right.

Both Xiahou Dun and Ni Sidao were martial arts masters and had been famous for many years, but now they were both killed by Chen Ping.

Bai Xiushan had made up his mind, from now on, Chen Ping was the thigh that the Bai family would hug for sure.

“Ancient, please send someone to take care of it ……”

Chen Ping said as he pointed to Xiahou Dun’s dried up corpse.

“Mr. Chen, there is no need to bother, I will immediately ask someone to deal with it ……”

After Gu Wentian finished speaking and waved his hand, someone immediately carried Xiahou Dun’s corpse away, then Gu Wentian asked Chen Ping softly, “Mr. Chen, I wonder if Ling’er her ………… ”

It was soon the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chen Ping followed Gu Ling’er, and now that Chen Ping had returned, Gu Wentian had not seen Gu Ling’er, so he wanted to ask Chen Ping where Gu Ling’er was.

“Ancient, Ling’er she is following Yu Qi in training with Uncle Long, I don’t know exactly where they are, but ancient don’t worry, Ling’er will be fine ……”

Chen Ping explained after Ancient Wen Tian.

“No worries, I just haven’t seen this girl for a while and I miss her a little ……”

Gu Wentian smiled faintly.

He knew that Chen Ping was not a creature of the pool, and to follow him, he would also have to wander the world, but Gu Ling’er followed Chen Ping, and Gu Wentian was still at ease.

Not long after, Zhao Wuji followed Bai Zhan Tang and dragged the corpse of the scaly snake back, the two were covered in blood and made a mess of their appearance.

When Gu Wentian saw the two men in this state, he was shocked.

Bai Xiushan at the side was also startled and hurriedly responded, “Zhan Tang, what’s going on?”

Bai Xiushan had a panicked look on his face as he checked Bai Zhan Tang’s body.

“Grandpa, I’m fine, the blood and flesh of this jiao snake is good stuff ……”

Bai Zhan Tang told the story of Chen Ping killing the Jiao Snake after Bai Xiushan and Gu Wentian, which made the two men look at Chen Ping with even more shock.

“Pavilion Master Zhao, you stay in Hongcheng for two days for now, after the Mid-Autumn Festival, I will accompany you to Kyoto ……”

Chen Ping followed Zhao Wuji and said.

“Okay Mr. Chen, I will wait for you in Hongcheng ……”

Zhao Wuji nodded his head.

Leaving from Gu Wentian’s mansion, Chen Ping did not go straight back to his hometown, but went to the Su family’s villa.

Su Yuqi should not have returned, and Chen Ping had to go and see Su Wenzong.

When Chen Ping arrived at the Su family villa, Su Wenzong himself was sitting inside the courtyard drinking tea, all alone and his hair was quite white.

“Uncle Su ……”

Chen Ping shouted towards Su Wenzong.

Su Wenzong froze for a moment, and then surprise appeared on his face, “Chen Ping, you’re back ……”

Su Wenzong hurriedly got up to welcome him, and then looked towards the door and found that it was just Chen Ping himself, so he wondered, “Chen Ping, where is Yu Qi? Didn’t she come back with you?”

“Uncle Su, Yuqi, she couldn’t come back with something, so I came to see you ……”

Looking at Su Wenzong’s slightly aged appearance, Chen Ping felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.