Phoenix Among Men Chapter 876

Chen Yingxia suddenly poked her head next to Chen Ping, startling the driving Chen Ping.

“Brother, where’s Sister Yuqi? You wouldn’t have secretly found a woman behind Sister Yuqi’s back, would you? Or maybe you dumped Sister Yu Qi ……”

Although Chen Yingxia spoke in a whisper in Chen Ping’s ear, Xiaolan could hear it clearly.

“What nonsense, I’m friends with Xiaolan, she’s an orphan and has nowhere to go in mid-autumn, so I brought her back ……”

Chen Ping said as he glared at Chen Yingxia.

Hearing Chen Ping say that Xiaolan was an orphan, Chen Yingxia faintly froze, obviously not expecting it.

Xiaolan herself, on the other hand, had a sour heart and tears instantly welled up in her eyes.

She was an orphan, and now she really had nowhere to go. When she was at the Miao Village, although the Miao King was her enemy, she had raised herself for so many years, and she had a home in the Miao Village, with many friends and relatives around her.

But now, she had nothing left but her sister, Wu Mei’er. Now she really had nowhere to go, and she didn’t know what she should do if she didn’t follow Chen Ping.

Looking at Xiaolan suddenly crying, Chen Yingxia looked a little embarra*sed and alarmed.

“Sister Xiaolan, I’m sorry …………”

Chen Yingxia took out a tissue and handed it to Xiaolan.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it ……” Xiao Lan wiped her tears and said with a smile.

For a while, the atmosphere in the car became a little awkward and silent!

Soon, the car drove into the Chen family village, and many people were crowding around Chen Ping’s car.

After all, a luxury car like a Rolls Royce had never been seen in the Chen family village before.

“Dad, Mom …………”

Chen Ping walked into the courtyard and shouted excitedly as soon as he entered the door.

Following his parents who hadn’t seen each other for months, Chen Ping had missed it badly.

Tang Hongying and Chen Baoguo came out of the house, and all showed surprise upon seeing Chen Ping.

“Son …………”

Tang Hongying quickly ran to Chen Ping and hugged him as soon as he saw him.

Chen Baoguo also looked at Chen Ping with a smile on his face.

Having not seen each other for several months, Tang Hongying and Chen Baoguo actually both missed Chen Ping, only they knew that it was the time for Chen Ping to make a break for it, so they never called and added to Chen Ping’s burden.

“Hello Uncle, Auntie ……”

Xiaolan looked at Tang Hongying and Chen Baoguo and shouted politely.

It was only then that the two noticed Xiaolan, and after Tang Hongying looked Xiaolan up and down twice, she hurriedly pulled Chen Ping aside.

“Chen Ping, who is this girl? Where’s Yu Qi?”

The smile on Tang Hongying’s face disappeared and she questioned Chen Ping.

“Mom, Yu Qi had some things going on so she didn’t come back, this is a friend of mine called Xiaolan, she’s an orphan and has nowhere to go, so I brought her home ……”

Chen Ping whispered in Tang Hongying’s ear.

Tang Hongying looked at Chen Ping as if she was somewhat unconvinced, “Really, you didn’t lie to me?”

“Mom, how could I lie to you, I’m fine with Yuqi ……”

Chen Ping said with a face full of determination.

Looking at Chen Ping did not look like he was lying, Tang Hongying then changed her smile and walked to Xiaolan: “Hello hello, it’s cold outside, come and sit inside ……”

Tang Hongying took Xiaolan’s hand and walked into the room.

Chen Baoguo, on the other hand, went up and patted Chen Ping’s shoulder, “Good son, capable ……”

After saying that, Chen Baoguo with a slightly deeper expression on his face also went into the house, which at once made Chen Ping a bit at a loss for words.

After a night at home, the next day was the mid-autumn festival.

Early in the morning, Tang Hongying called Chen Ping up.

“Chen Ping, your uncle is back from the provincial capital, they have set up some tables in the town at noon, get up early, wash up and let’s go over early ……”

Tang Hongying said to Chen Ping.


Chen Ping was stunned, how come he didn’t know there was an uncle?

“It’s your second grandfather’s family, they went to the provincial city a long time ago, I heard that they are doing big business in the provincial city, you should get in touch with them more, there might be something you can use ……”

Tang Hongying said, and went to work.