Phoenix Among Men Chapter 880

“Why not, brother Chen Ping’s girlfriend, but the daughter of the richest man in Hongcheng, can be rich ……”

At this time, Chen Yingxia stood up and said.

“The richest man in Hongcheng?” Tang Shili had a sneer on his face, “The richest man in Hongcheng is nothing in the eyes of the Bai family, let alone the aunt of a richest man’s family ……”

Chen Ping looked at Tang Shili and that Tang Hui’s mouth, and did not retort or explain.

Tang Hongying, however, was already anxious at this time, slapping Chen Baoguo beside her with her hand and saying, “You dead old man, why don’t you know how to say something ……”

Chen Baoguo slowly raised his head to look at Chen Ping and asked, “Chen Ping, Dad just asked you, did you borrow this car?”

Chen Ping nodded, Chen Baoguo was satisfied and lowered his head again without saying a word!

Soon, several people in uniform came, Tang would have been Chen Ping said, “That’s him, he’s a car thief, hurry up and arrest him ……”

Several uniformed men wanted to go over and arrest Chen Ping, but they were stopped by Tang Hongying, Chen Yingxia and the others.

“You have no evidence, how can you arrest people indiscriminately, do you have any evidence?”

Tang Hongying stopped those people and shouted anxiously.

Chen Yingxia also took out her mobile phone and started to record the video: “You guys are enforcing the law indiscriminately, I want to record it, you guys are arresting people without any evidence. ……”

Tang Hongying and the girls were anxious, but at this moment Chen Ping was not the least bit panicked, but quietly looked at Tang Shili and Tang Hui, the father and son!

“Brother, everything is about evidence, you can’t just say it and Chen Ping becomes a car thief. ……”

Chen Ping’s second aunt also stood up and said to Tang Shili.

“Okay, don’t you want proof, I’ll call the Bai family now and ask, if the Bai family says their car is missing, then Chen Ping is undoubtedly the thief ……”

Tang Shili said, taking out his mobile phone and starting to call.

Seeing Tang Shili really call, Tang Hongying face is full of tension, she is really afraid that the other party car is really lost, then Chen Ping this crime will be big.

Chen Ping had just gotten out of jail for a few months, and now if he is sent in, it won’t be as simple as three years.

Tang Shili put the phone away after making a call.

“Big brother, did you get the question? Did my Chen Ping borrow the car?”

Tang Hongying hurriedly pursued the question.

“Which is not so fast, I’ve already called the manager of the headquarters in Kyoto to go, they will call Master Bai to verify, I don’t have Master Bai’s phone number ……”

Tang Shili finished, sat down in his seat, lit a cigarette and smoked it, his face was full of joy.

He thought the same as Tang would, he didn’t expect to come across this kind of thing over a meal, if this recovered the beloved car for Master Bai, would the Bai family still treat them poorly in the future?

As for Chen Ping, Tang Shili wouldn’t bother, in front of his own future interests, he would be righteous even if he was his own nephew.

“Why bother with that, I’ll just call Bai Lao directly ……”

Chen Ping said, pulling out his mobile phone.

“You have Elder Bai’s contact information?”

Tang Shili froze, looking at Chen Ping with an incredulous face.

“Dad, listen to his nonsense, think about it can Master Bai know this kind of person who has been in jail, he must be pretending, we let him call ……”

Tang would not believe Chen Ping’s words at all.

Chen Ping did not retort, and directly dialed Bai Xiushan’s phone number.

At this moment, Bai Xiushan was in Gu Wentian’s courtyard, accompanying Gu Wentian and Zhao Wuji, the three of them drinking tea and chatting as they waited to return to Kyoto with Chen Ping.

When Bai Xiushan received Chen Ping’s call and heard what Chen Ping had said, his entire body trembled with anger.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong with you?”

Bai Zhantang saw Bai Xiushan in that state and hurriedly asked with concern.