Phoenix Among Men Chapter 886

“stop it, i’ve heard that this mr. chen is capable of killing two martial zongs by himself!”

“how can you believe such words? i’ve never heard of such an expert in hongcheng, and he’s so young!

those members of the protector’s pavilion were secretly chattering away

“shut your mouths all of you!” xu shimao glared and roared, scaring no one into speaking

however, all these words also reached zhao wuji’s ears

xuanyuan rong looked at zhao wuji with a cold smile, “zhao wuji, did you hear that, let a little brat be the instructor, who will be convinced by him, or else you call him here, let me spar with him for two moves, if he can take three moves from me, i will leave immediately, but if he can’t, you let him go, and let me be on for the competition… …

“xuanyuan rong, you’re too wild, if you really want mr. chen to compete with you, let alone three moves, mr. chen can crush you to death with one hand ……

zhao wuji didn’t say anything, but xu shimao couldn’t listen any longer and yelled at xuanyuan rong

xuan yuan rong’s face was cold and his eyes looked sharply at xu shimao, “how dare you talk to me like that?

as he spoke, xuanyuan rong’s body moved, surprisingly reaching directly in front of xu shimao


a slap was smacked out and xu shimao flew straight out and fell heavily on the ground

“xuanyuan rong ……” zhao wuji immediately yelled in anger when he saw that xuanyuan rong had actually done something

“go and call that kid out, let’s have a match, i’d like to see how powerful a guy who is not even fully hairy can be ……

xuan yuan rong looked at zhao wuji and said very arrogantly

zhao wuji helped xu shimao up, but did not say anything, just locked his eyebrows together tightly

seeing that zhao wouji did not say anything, xu shimao said anxiously, “court master, i will go and invite mr. chen here, we must not let this fellow be arrogant in the guardian pavilion ……

after saying that, xu shimao wanted to go to find chen ping, but he was pulled back by zhao wuji, “you can’t go, if mr. chen comes and really starts a conflict, then won’t mr. chen have another enemy, besides, the xuan yuan family is not something to be messed with, mr. chen has made too many enemies in kyoto, so we shouldn’t be adding to his mess… …

the reason why zhao wuji was reluctant to let chen ping follow xuan yuan rong in the competition was because he was afraid that if chen ping had a problem with the xuan yuan family, then it would be even more difficult for chen ping to get around in kyoto

when xu shimao heard this, he could only stop, touching his red and swollen face with his hand, and looking angrily at xuanyuan rong, but there was nothing he could do

he was only a grand master and had no room to fight back against xuan yuan rong, a martial sect

“pavilion master zhao, since you see me as a part of the protector pavilion, when you encounter such things, of course you should call me ……

at this moment, chen ping slowly walked over

“mr. chen ……” seeing chen ping, xu shimao instantly became excited

“mr. chen, aren’t you resting?

zhao wuji stepped forward and asked respectfully

“pavilion master zhao, at our strength, not to mention the mere few hours of travel, even if we don’t sleep for three days and three nights, there is no hindrance!

chen ping said with a faint smile

“you are the instructor zhao wuji hired?” xuanyuan rong looked at chen ping and asked with a face full of coldness

“not bad!” chen ping nodded his head

“seeing that you are only in your early twenties and are already a grand master, you are considered a wonder, but even so, you are not worthy of being an instructor of the protector pavilion, i see that it is not easy for you to cultivate, now get lost and i can still spare you ……

xuan yuan rong could see at a glance that the aura on chen ping’s body was only at the realm of grand master, there was no need to be afraid

“spare me?” the corners of chen ping’s mouth lifted slightly, “i wonder what kind of person that xuan yuan kai is to you?”!”…”.”.!”…””..”..!.”.””..!”n that Xuan Yuan Kai is to you?”