Phoenix Among Men Chapter 891

Only at this moment, Zhao Barging’s face could no longer see that flamboyant look, instead, it was full of vicissitudes and thinness, the whole person looked like he had aged by more than ten years.

It had only been a month or so, and the change in Zhao Barging had surprised Chen Ping.

“Big brother Chen, big brother Chen …………”

Seeing Chen Ping, Zhao Barging directly pounced on him, surprisingly howling his head and crying.

“Zhao Barging, don’t cry for now, what happened?”

Chen Ping said with a tight frown.

“Brother Chen, my dad, my dad he …………”

Zhao Barging sobbed and pointed to the hall inside the mountain manor.

Chen Ping did not wait for Zhao Barging to finish, his body flashed and he directly entered within the mountain manor.

At this moment, in the middle of the hall of the mountain manor, there were white cloths hanging all around, everyone was wearing white mourning clothes, and there were many people crying and weeping.

Chen Ping looked into the middle of the hall, where a man was lying, his body covered by a yellow cloth.

Chen Ping rushed forward and lifted the yellow cloth with one hand!

“What are you?”

Seeing that someone had rushed into the hall and also lifted the yellow cloth covering Zhao Liguo’s body, those disciples of the mountain villa who were guarding the mourning were furious and were about to make a move against Chen Ping.

“Stop it all ……”

At this time, Zhao Barging also followed in and roared at the mountain villa crowd.

Seeing Zhao Barging’s words, the crowd of disciples from the mountain villa then withdrew their hands and looked at Chen Ping in a daze.

Chen Ping looked at Zhao Liguo and saw that his face was pale and motionless, and there was still blood at the corner of his mouth.

Chen Ping slowly put his hand on Zhao Liguo’s wrist and poured a wave of spiritual energy into Zhao Liguo’s body, while at the same time, Chen Ping put his divine sense directly over Zhao Liguo’s whole body.

This was a two-pronged approach to see if Zhao Liguo could still be saved.

Soon, Chen Ping found that there was still a faint breath inside Zhao Liguo’s body, and even Zhao Liguo’s heart was still beating faintly, but the heart veins were protected and could not be detected without careful investigation.

Seeing that Zhao Liguo was still saved, a smile surfaced on Chen Ping’s face and he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Zhao Barging, what is going on with your father?”

Chen Ping asked as he looked at Zhao Barging.

“Big Brother Chen ……” Zhao Barging followed Chen Ping’s story one by one.

It turned out that after the news of Chen Ping devouring the dragon crystal spread out, many people started to look for Chen Ping’s whereabouts, but it was as if Chen Ping had evaporated into thin air.

That Thunderbolt Sect, the Xuanyuan Family, and even the Qin Family, all kept looking for trouble with the Shadowless Villa, they thought that Zhao Liguo had hidden Chen Ping away and wanted to take the Dragon Crystal for himself!

In the end, the three families joined forces and forced Zhao Liguo to reveal Chen Ping’s whereabouts, but Zhao Liguo simply wouldn’t say anything, even if he wanted to.

Seeing that Zhao Liguo’s mouth was hardened and he wouldn’t talk, the three families attacked the Shadowless Villa together, causing a lot of casualties, and Zhao Liguo was eventually outnumbered and severely injured, and he pa*sed away a few days later.

“Perak Sect, Xuan Yuan Family, Qin Family …………”

Chen Ping’s eyes stared slightly, a killing machine in his eyes!

“Brother Chen, my father …… my father is he ……”

“Master Zhao Zhuang is still saved, none of you should touch him in these few days, do what you have to do, don’t let outsiders know that your father is still alive ……”

Chen Ping barked at Zhao Zhaogong.

Chen Ping was afraid that those three families knew that Zhao Liguo was still alive and were coming over to look for trouble, and when that time came, how could these people from the Shadowless Villa alone be able to resist.

“Really? Is my dad really not dead?” Zhao Beng was full of excitement.

“I’m going to the Pill God Valley now, you have to take care of the matters of the Shadowless Villa ……”

Chen Ping patted Zhao Barging’s shoulder.

“Brother Chen, don’t worry, I will ……”

Zhao Barging nodded firmly, Chen Ping could see that this guy had grown a lot in just one month.

Leaving from the Shadowless Villa, Chen Ping didn’t dare to delay in any way, a wave of spiritual energy condensed on the bottom of his feet, and his footsteps quickened a lot.