Phoenix Among Men Chapter 899

“I believe the valley master ……” Xu Changsheng said with a mouthful of words that he believed Chen Ping, but the look he gave Chen Ping was clearly one of disbelief.

Chen Ping was helpless and stopped explaining, he did not want to waste too much time on this issue.

Zhao Liguo was still waiting for the Heaven Returning Pill to save his life, Chen Ping had to rush back as soon as possible to do so.

“Elder Xu, the Pill God Valley will be a lot of trouble for you, I have to hurry back ……”

Chen Ping said to Xu Changsheng.

“I’ll go with you ……”

Xiaolan immediately said.

“No, can’t you see how dangerous this journey is for me? If you follow me, you will lose your life.”

Chen Ping immediately refused.

“Even if I die, I will still follow you, unless you kill me ……”

Xiaolan said with a determined face.

It could be seen that Xiaolan had posted her heart this time.

Looking at Xiao Lan like that, Chen Ping could only sigh: “You follow me, if you encounter danger, be the first to escape, don’t mind me, do you hear me?”

“You think of me as too weak, at least I’m a Grand Master, and I still have a charm technique!”

Xiao Lan said with great dissatisfaction.

Chen Ping didn’t say anything else, Xiao Lan still didn’t know that Grand Masters were nothing when it came to Kyoto, and just Xiao Lan’s charm technique would be useless if she really met a strong-willed Martial Sect.

Leaving the Pill God Valley, Chen Ping took Little Lan and hurriedly headed towards the Shadowless Villa.

Because of Xiao Lan’s drag, it was not until the afternoon that Chen Ping and his team arrived at the Shadowless Villa.

Seeing that Chen Ping had arrived, the two guards at the entrance of the Shadowless Villa hurriedly welcomed Chen Ping inside.

“Big Brother Chen …………”

Zhao Chuang hurriedly ran out of the hall after hearing Chen Ping’s return.

He did not expect Chen Ping to return so soon.

“Zhao Barging, no one has come over in the past two days, right?”

Chen Ping was afraid that Xuanyuan Yan hadn’t caught himself and would come running to the Shadowless Villa to look for trouble.

“No, there were a few families who had good friendship with my Shadowless Villa who wanted to come over to pay their respects, all of which I refused ……”

Zhao Barging said.

“Well done, you want to send someone to guard the outside right now, no one can come in!”

Chen Ping instructed to Zhao Barging.

Zhao Barging nodded and immediately arranged for people to guard the gate of the Shadowless Villa, when Zhao Barging pa*sed by Xiao Lan, he didn’t even give Xiao Lan a sidelong glance.

It seemed that this playboy had really changed a lot after this incident with Xiao Ru.

He had to know that Xiaolan was not badly endowed, and with her natural charm and the faint fragrance of her body, any man would look twice at her.

Even if it was Chen Ping himself, he would have looked twice when he first met Xiao Lan, but at this moment, Zhao Chuang did not look at her, as if he did not see her.

In this way, although Zhao Baptist was relatively weak, he might be a malleable talent!

Zhao Baptist arranged for someone to guard the door, while Chen Ping followed Xiao Lan and walked directly into the hall, at this moment Zhao Liguo was lying in the middle of the hall, his face was pale and he couldn’t see a trace of blood.

“Isn’t this …… all dead? Dead people can still be saved?”

Xiao Lan said in surprise.

“Master Zhao is still alive, you don’t know, you were in a worse condition than Master Zhao, you had already suffered heavy trauma to all your organs, you were simply hopeless, it was Elder Xu who gave you the Life Renewing Pill, I carried you to the Pill God Valley and used the Return to Heaven Pill to bring you back to life.”

Chen Ping said.

“So yeah, you saved my life and I gave my body in return, isn’t that just repaying you, but unfortunately you guy doesn’t understand ……”

Xiaolan joked.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re talking about.

Chen Ping went forward and pressed Zhao Liguo’s pulse, a spiritual energy input into Zhao Liguo’s body, Zhao Liguo’s heart was still beating slightly, the heart was sealed by a breath around it.