Phoenix Among Men Chapter 9

“Mr. Chen, whatever you need, just ask, as long as I can do it, I will never refuse!”

Su Wenzong said hurriedly.

“Mr. Chen, what are the brushes and vermilion on this list for?”

At this moment, Su Yuqi asked.

After all, the brushes and vermilion were not like things that could be used for healing, and they were all over the street!

“Yuqi, since Mr. Chen has written on it, he has his own reasons, no talking too much!”

Su Wenzong said as he glared at Su Yuqi.

“No harm!” Chen Ping smiled, “These two are also for healing, but they are not ordinary brushes and vermilion, they need brushes and vermilion with a spiritual nature to work!”

“With spirituality?” This time Su Yuqi was baffled!

Su Wenzong was also baffled, they didn’t understand what was with spirituality at all.

Seeing that both of them were baffled, Chen Ping explained, “All things in this world are born and perish, and everything has a spiritual nature, even the dead things seen in the world, such as a table and a chair here, can have a spiritual nature, but that requires special harsh conditions and opportunities!”

“For example, this chair I made, if I sit on this chair for years and years to practise, for ten years, fifty years, or even a hundred years, this chair will slowly have a spiritual nature.”

Chen Ping was afraid that the two people would not understand, so he could only follow them in a particularly colloquial manner.

“Oh, I get it!” Su Yuqi suddenly shouted in amazement, “Mr. Chen means that it is like what is shown on TV, a tree in a god’s cave can have a spiritual nature over time and even transform into a human form!”

“Yuqi, don’t talk nonsense!” Su Wen Zong was speechless as he listened to Su Yu Qi’s explanation.

As far as he was concerned, there was no such thing as a god in this world, what century was this?

“Miss Su’s explanation is correct, that’s what it means ……”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

In the past, Chen Ping did not believe in it either, but after following the old dragon head for these three years, he realized that in this world, there existed too many things that he did not know.

For example, the Heart Condensation Technique that Old Leader had pa*sed on to him was an immortal cultivation technique, and once Chen Ping had cultivated it, he would really become a god!

Su Wenzong smiled awkwardly, not expecting Su Yuqi to be right. If someone else had said something like spirituality or immortality, Su Wenzong would have scoffed, but Chen Ping said it, which made Su Wenzong a bit shaken!

Chen Ping and Su Wen Zong talked without looking at Sun Song, who was kneeling on the ground. Although Sun Song was not particularly bad in human nature, he could hardly take responsibility, and Chen Ping did not want to accept him.

After talking for about ten minutes, Chen Ping found out how Su Wenzong had been injured. It turned out that when Su Wenzong was young, he had been slapped by a business rival.

However, after a short time, Su Wenzong felt that his body was getting weaker and weaker, and he often had difficulty in breathing, so he has been taking some great tonic medicines to support himself until now.

However, Su Wenzong was afraid that his family would worry, so he kept it hidden, which was why Su Yuqi did not know that her father had a hidden illness.

As soon as Chen Ping heard it, he understood that the person who had injured Su Wenzong must be a martial artist, one who had already cultivated internal energy, and it looked like he wanted to kill Su Wenzong, only that Su Wenzong had money and relied on the great tonic medicine he had bought with heavy money to support him until now, and if he hadn’t met himself, Su Wenzong was afraid that he wouldn’t have survived at all.

“I beg Mr. Chen to take me as his disciple …………”

Sun Song, who was kneeling on the ground, shouted once again.

At this moment, his legs had long since gone numb, accompanied by a painful sensation, making it very difficult for Sun Song now.

Chen Ping glanced at Sun Song: “Get up, I won’t accept a disciple, but if you don’t understand something, I can point you out!”

Seeing that Sun Song had knelt for such a long time and was sincere, Chen Ping agreed to instruct him, but he would never accept a disciple.

Seeing Chen Ping say this, Sun Song’s heart was happy and he thanked him repeatedly, “Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen …………”

Sun Song slowly stood up, but his legs were numb and painful, making him unable to stand at all!

Seeing this situation of Sun Song, Chen Ping reached out his hand and nudged Sun Song’s legs, the painful numbness, instantly disappeared, which made Sun Song shocked!

“Mr. Su, there are still parents at home, I have to go back, when the herbs are ready, you can call me!”

Chen Ping slowly got up and said.

Chen Ping’s mother was still at home alone, which made him uneasy.

“Mr. Chen, I wonder where you are staying now?”

Su Wenzong asked.

“Living in the Happiness Lane district, what’s wrong?”

Chen Ping said with a strange look on his face.

“Oh, nothing, I just have a house that has been sitting idle and useless, so I’ll give it to Mr. Chen, that place is also particularly suitable for convalescence, I hope it will be useful to Mr. Chen!”

Su Wenzong said, pulling out a key from his pocket!

“Then, thank you, Mr Su!”

Chen Ping originally wanted to refuse, he didn’t give Su Wenzong a medical treatment to get anything, but when he thought of his parents living in that shabby house, he was afraid that it would be some time before he could earn money to buy a house, so he agreed to do so.

But when the key was handed over to Chen Ping, Chen Ping froze, it was a key to the villa area of Pan Long Bay.