Phoenix Among Men Chapter 91

Sure enough, seeing Wang Han Han and Chen Ping’s intimate actions, many men were instantly disheartened, and that Cui Zhiyuan was also looking at Chen Ping with jealousy in his eyes!

Chen Ping introduced Wang Han Han one by one, and when he introduced Sun Xiaomeng, Chen Ping said, “This is Uncle Sun’s daughter Sun Xiaomeng, her father and my father are comrades in arms ……”

Wang Hanhan heard, immediately understood, Chen Baoguo at that time to entrust someone to find a job, should be looking for this Sun Xiaomeng’s father!

So Wang Han Han enthusiastically went forward and took Sun Xiaomeng’s hand: “Sister Xiaomeng is so beautiful, I’ve long heard Brother Chen Ping and Uncle Chen mention you guys, but I’ve never seen you ……”

Wang Han Han’s enthusiasm also made Sun Xiaomeng smile: “Han Han sister you are also quite beautiful ……”

“This is Zhang Tongjian, from one of our groups ……”

Chen Ping pointed to the corner and said Zhang Tongjian who was wearing gla*ses.

“Hello ……” Wang Hanhan smiled faintly and extended her hand!

“Hello, hello …………” Zhang Tongjian’s face instantly reddened as he gently followed Wang Hanhan and shook his hand.

Seeing that look on Zhang Tongjian’s face caused everyone to burst into laughter!

Soon, everyone got acquainted and began to sing and drink, while the crowd began to move towards Chen Ping, one by one, taking turns to toast Chen Ping!

When Wang Han Han saw this, she stood in front of Chen Ping: “You guys are toasting like this, Brother Chen Ping will get drunk later, I’ll drink with you ……”

Wang Han Han picked up a gla*s of beer and drank it all!

Wang Han Han stood up for Chen Ping, of course these men would not refuse, in their opinion, Wang Han Han was just two bottles of beer to get rid of!

But soon, these men knew how wrong they were and how wrong they were!

Wang Han Han followed the crowd and drank a gla*s of beer without looking like she was about to get drunk, and her face didn’t even change!

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded, even Chen Ping looked at Wang Han Han with some incredulity!

No one could have imagined that a girl who looked so soft could drink so much, and at Wang Han Han’s feet, there were more than thirty empty bottles!

Wang Han Han was fine, while everyone else was slightly red in the face, and some of them were lopsided.

“Come on, let’s all sing, don’t always drink ……”

When Cui Zhiyuan saw this, he could only stop the crowd from drinking any more, if they kept drinking, Wang Hanhan would be fine, but I guess everyone else would be drunk!

“Han Han sister, you are too able to drink ……”

Sun Xiaomeng’s eyes were filled with envy and surprise as she said to Wang Han Han.

Wang Han Han smiled: “I’m not good at anything else, but I can drink ……”

“Sister, you are too awesome, if I have this amount of wine from you, in the future in drinking, I will see who dares to compete with me ……”

Wang Lanlan also followed Wang Hanhan to sit together and said admiringly.

“Sister Lan Lan, this drinking capacity can also be practiced, some day I will teach you, just because of our names, it is fate ……”

Wang Han Han said with a smile.

I have to say that Wang Han Han is really excellent at this piece of socializing, and it didn’t take long for the three women to become good friends who can’t talk to each other!

“The first thing you need to do is to get a good look and a good temper, so why do you like that guy Chen Ping? Whenever I look at that Chen Ping, he looks like a big tail, which is annoying ……”

Wang Lanlan also drank some wine and said to Wang Hanhan unapologetically.

Chen Ping himself sat aside, nor did he sing, nor did he drink, occasionally following Zhang Tongjian to say a few words, indeed looking a bit out of place!

“Sister Lan Lan, actually brother Chen Ping is quite a nice person, we have been together since we were young, maybe you are not familiar with him yet ……”

Wang Han Han didn’t get angry, she just lightly explained!

Seeing Wang Han Han say this, Wang Lan Lan was no good at belittling Chen Ping, so she picked up the microphone and said, “Let’s go, let’s go sing a song ……”