Phoenix Among Men Chapter 928

“Ah!” Andrew roared as he tried to attack towards Watanabe Ichiro again, but the intense pain in his brain made him fall to the ground instantly.

Looking at Andrew, the corners of Watanabe Ichiro’s mouth rose slightly, “My slave, I command you now, kill the man in front of me.

Watanabe Ichiro’s voice sounded like it was coming from the nine hells, causing the frenzied Andrew to instantly quieten down, before rising up with scarlet eyes and staring at Chen Ping with a deadly stare.

“Andrew ……”

Looking at Andrew that look, Chen Ping frowned slightly and his body quickly retreated a few steps backwards.

“Go to hell ……”

Andrew slammed his fist into Chen Ping with great force, without the slightest bit of reserve.

“Andrew, wake up ……”

Chen Ping called out to Andrew, his body dodging sharply.

He did not follow Andrew directly into a hard fight, that would only allow Watanabe Ichiro’s plot to succeed.

Andrew did not listen to Chen Ping at all, as if he was a frenzied beast, he kept attacking Chen Ping.

Watanabe Ichiro looked at the scene in front of him, his face filled with a look of triumph.

“Don’t stop, kill him for me, kill him ……”

Ichiro Watanabe kept controlling Andrew.

Andrew smashed towards Chen Ping punch by punch, as fast as a meteor, each punch struck with a cracking sound that rang through the air.

Chen Ping could only dodge in a mess, and if he was not careful, he would be hit by Andrew’s fist.

“Hahahaha, hahahaha …………”

Looking at Chen Ping’s wretched appearance, Watanabe Ichiro couldn’t tell how happy he was.

At this moment, Watanabe Ichiro was like a spectator watching a show, quietly watching Andrew follow Chen Ping two people fight.

Boom ……

Suddenly, Andrew smashed his fist into Chen Ping’s chest, and Chen Ping’s body instantly flew backwards, smashing several trees before landing heavily on the ground.

“Mr. Chen ……”

“Instructor Chen …………”

Xu Shimao and the others wanted to rush over to help Chen Ping, but were stopped by Chen Ping shouting, “None of you should move ……”

Xu Shimao and the others could only stop, looking at Chen Ping in confusion, not understanding why Chen Ping would not let them help.

After hitting Chen Ping with his fist, Andrew’s body instantly leapt up, and from mid-air, he stomped down with his foot towards Chen Ping.

Chen Ping rolled on the ground and dodged the kick, Andrew’s whole lower leg sank into the ground, which showed how powerful the kick was.

Watching Chen Ping dodge, Andrew pulled his calf out and swung his iron fist again.

This time, Chen Ping did not dodge, but directly reached out and grabbed Andrew’s fist, and a surge of spiritual energy instantly pa*sed through Andrew’s arm and went straight to the inside of his head.

Andrew only felt a burst of clarity in his head, followed by the disappearance of the scarlet in his eyes, and looked at Chen Ping with some surprise.

“Chen, I …… I …………”

Andrew couldn’t remember what he had just done.

“Don’t say anything yet ……”

Chen Ping winked towards Andrew, then stumbled and kept stepping backwards, acting as if he had been knocked back by Andrew.

Andrew’s fist was being grabbed by Chen Ping, and he didn’t understand what Chen Ping was doing, so he could only follow Chen Ping and keep moving forward.

“Pretend to attack me and don’t stop ……”

Chen Ping whispered in Andrew’s ear.

Andrew nodded slightly, although he did not understand what Chen Ping was doing here, but since Chen Ping had given the word, he would do as he was told.

Andrew followed Chen Ping move by move as he fought while Chen Ping briefly followed Andrew through what had happened.

When Andrew knew that he had been poisoned and his mind controlled by Ichiro Watanabe, his eyes were full of anger, but at the same time they were also full of shame. As soon as he got to the island, Chen Ping had admonished him, but Andrew did not care at the time, but he did not want to fall directly into the path of Ichiro Watanabe.