Phoenix Among Men Chapter 940


Early the next morning, Anna took Andrew and the others away, and Chen Ping and Zhao Wuji took them all the way to the airport.

When Anna and the others left, on the way back to the Protector Pavilion, Chen Ping said to Zhao Wouji, “Master Zhao, will there be people from the upper echelons attending today’s celebration?”

Zhao Wuji looked at Chen Ping before shaking, “I’m not sure, this celebration is a word from above, I don’t know exactly who will be there, but the Chang Leader of Department Six should be attending.”

“You are talking about the Chang Aid Army?” Chen Ping asked.

“Yes, that’s him, once Mr. Chen even gave his son a visit.”

Zhao Wuji nodded his head.

After thinking again, Chen Ping said to Zhao Wuji, “Pavilion Master Zhao, can we go see Leader Chang now, now that my strength is exposed and I still have treasures like the Dragon Crystal and the Dragon Chopper Sword on me, I think many clans and families in Kyoto are already eyeing me, so I would like to …… ……”

“No problem, we’ll go now, I know that with the name of the Dharma Protection Pavilion alone, those clan families won’t be afraid at all.”

Zhao Wuji also understood Chen Ping, otherwise at the beginning, he would have asked Guo Wei, the director of the Martial Arts Alliance, to bail Chen Ping out once, but now that the competition was over, whether the Martial Arts Alliance would still bail Chen Ping out, Zhao Wuji could not say.

Soon, the car arrived at Chang Yuan Jun’s residence, and after having the guards informed, Zhao Wuji took Chen Ping to meet Chang Yuan Jun.

“Mr Chen …………”

The moment he saw Chen Ping, Chang Yanjun politely stepped forward and shook Chen Ping’s hand, without a hint of a big leader’s stance.

Chang Yuanjun’s son was saved by Chen Ping, and Chang Yuanjun had always remembered this kindness.

“Leader Chang, I have taken the liberty to disturb you.”

Chen Ping said politely.

“Mr. Chen, what are you talking about? You saved my son, so I will never forget this great kindness, and this time you went to war on behalf of the Dharma Protection Pavilion and killed Ichiro Watanabe of the island.

Chang Yanjun said with an excited expression.

Chang Yanjun asked Chen Ping to sit down and personally made tea for him, which made Chen Ping feel a little embarra*sed.

After making Chen Ping’s tea and sitting down, Chang Wanjun asked, “Mr. Chen, is there something you want to do? If there is anything I can do for you, just say the word and I will do it!”

Chang Wanjun knew that Zhao Wuji and Chen Ping should be very busy as they were going to hold a celebration banquet today, and now they had come to see him, so there must be something.

Chen Ping looked at Chang Wanjun, not knowing how to speak for a moment.

At this moment, Zhao Wuji said, “Leader Chang, recently the martial arts world has been changing, many clans and families are eyeing at Mr. Chen, if Mr. Chen wants to stay in Kyoto, he still needs someone to back him up ……”

When Chang Yuanjun heard this, he looked embarra*sed: “Wuji, you know that we are only a civil servant in Department Six, how can we control the affairs of the martial arts world, even if I ask, those people in the martial arts world may not give face ……”

“Leader Chang, I don’t mean that, Mr. Chen just wants to be introduced to the upper level leaders through Leader Chang’s connections ……”

Zhao Wuji hurriedly explained, of course he knew that Chang Yuanjun could not control the martial arts world at all, if it comes to the right to speak in the martial arts world, Department Six is not as good as their Dharma Protection Court.

As soon as Chang Wanjun heard this, he suddenly became aware and nodded, suddenly his expression was struck and he said, “Right, there is something I almost forgot to inform you, this time the celebration of merit Mr. Shi should go back to attend.”

“Mr. Shi?” Zhao Wuji frowned slightly, as if he didn’t understand who Chang Aidun was talking about, but then as if he remembered something, he suddenly said with round eyes, “Leader Chang, you are talking about …………”