Phoenix Among Men Chapter 953

Seeing the snow wolf that emerged, the five guardians were all startled, they did not expect there to be a ferocious beast of such high strength here.

“Who are you people?”

Long Wu asked as he looked at the five people in front of him with a slight frown.

Long Wu felt that the aura of these five people was familiar, but he could not think of who they were for a while, after all, he had lost all his kung fu power now and had pa*sed it all to Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er, so he could not spread out his divine sense to probe.

“Dragon Five?” Suddenly, one of the five people blurted out.

After shouting, that person probably sensed that something was wrong and hastily covered his mouth.

Long Wu’s eyes lit up and immediately guessed the few people in front of him, so he spoke, “So it’s the five great protectors of the Dragon Family who have arrived, no wonder the scent is so familiar.”

Seeing that Long Wu had recognised himself, the Five Great Guardians no longer hid themselves, so they took off their masks.

The Grand Protector looked at Long Wu twice before saying, “Long Wu, the aura on you has disappeared, where is your kung fu?”

Long Wu smiled lightly, “It’s scattered, I’m just an ordinary person now.”

Seeing how easily Long Wu said that, the eyes of the several guardians were full of surprise, it was hard to cultivate a whole body of gong power, but to say that it had scattered was not something that ordinary people could do.

“Dragon Five, why do you think you betrayed the family head in the first place, and now you have fallen to such a state!” The Grand Protector looked at Dragon Five with a pang of regret in his eyes, before continuing to ask, “Where is the Dragon Steward?”

Seeing the talk of the old dragon head, a pang of despondency flashed in Long Wu’s eyes before he said with some sadness, “Steward Long has died ……”

“Dragon Five, things have come to this point, it’s time for you to turn back, you hand that Chen Ping over to us now, we’ll go back and ask the family head for mercy and let him spare you, you’re just an ordinary person now, it’s better to find a place to live in peace by yourself!”

The Grand Protector persuaded Long Wu.

“Since you have come looking for him, then you must already know that Chen Ping is the son of the Eldest Miss, the Long Butler has already lost his life for Chen Ping, how can I possibly hand Chen Ping over to you, do you know that that Long Jingguo poisoned the old family head and plotted power and usurped the throne, by helping him now, you are aiding and abetting the enemy.”

Long Wu said with a face full of anger.

“Big brother, don’t talk nonsense to him, just capture that Chen Ping directly.”

The Third Protector bellowed angrily and his huge fist smashed into Long Wu.

This fist did not have much strength, but when it hit Long Wu, it could also smash Long Wu into mush, the current Long Wu was just an ordinary person, he could not withstand this fist at all.

And this Third Protector’s strike was a killing move, without the slightest regard for the love and affection of following Long Wu who had worked together in the Long Family for many years, he looked like a ruthless person.

“Ow! …………”

In this close call, the snow wolf roared in anger and bit down fiercely on the Third Protector’s arm.

“Ah ……”

The Third Protector let out a miserable cry, and his body stumbled and was actually pounced on by the snow wolf.

Seeing this, several other guardians hurriedly shot out their hands and viciously smashed towards the snow wolf.

The snow wolf let go of its mouth, and with a hard push on its hind legs, it leapt into mid-air, dodging the blows of several guardians.

“Old Third, is everything alright?”

The Grand Protector hurriedly pulled the Third Protector to his feet.

As the Third Protector looked at his bloody arm, anger instantly rose up in his body, and his rampant killing aura instantly enveloped Long Wu and the others.

Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er hurriedly stepped forward and shielded Long Wu behind them, while Xiao Lan was tightly guarding Wu Mei’er.

But here, except for Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er, they could barely support a few moves, and Xiao Lan’s little strength, she was afraid that she could not even withstand a single move.

And that snow wolf, against five Martial Zongs of such strength, also had no chance of winning.

But even so, none of them retreated. At this moment, Chen Ping was at a critical moment of breakthrough, if he was disturbed, then Chen Ping’s entire cultivation would be ruined, and he might even lose his life.