Phoenix Among Men Chapter 958

Long Wu looked at Wu Mei Er, he did not try to stop her, but closed his eyes helplessly, he knew that at this time now, suicide might be the best place for Wu Mei Er to go.

But just as Wu Mei’er was about to kill herself with the dagger, there was a sudden cacophony of footsteps, followed by the earth beginning to tremble.

“Kill …………”

Countless roars of anger came, followed by the sight of Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix surrounding them with thousands of people.

These people surrounded the entire villa, and then a human wall was formed in the villa area.

When the several guardians looked at these people who had suddenly appeared, they all suddenly laughed.

These people were afraid that in their eyes, they were no better than ants.

“Protect Mr. Chen, no one is allowed to set foot in the villa ……”

Lin Tianhu looked angrily at the few guardians and shouted fiercely.

“Protect Mr. Chen, protect Mr. Chen …………”

Thousands of people, with weapons in hand, shouted loudly.

“A bunch of unsuspecting things …………”

The Grand Protector’s eyes faintly stared, followed by a push forward with both hands.

A huge force of energy directly sent all the dozen people in front of him flying out, and in mid-air, the bodies of these dozen people couldn’t even withstand the force and directly exploded!

Blood mixed with torn limbs made the scene a bloody mess.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s faces changed greatly, and Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix trembled slightly, but none of them retreated.

“Get out of here right now, I don’t want to cause more killings today ……”

The Grand Protector’s face was grim when he saw that these people were still not retreating.

Although all these people showed fear, none of them retreated, all of them gritted their teeth and stood in place.

“Good, I’ll see if your bones are hard or my fists are hard ……”

The Grand Protector was furious, and threw a fierce punch across the air!

Boom …………

There was a thunderous sound, followed by the dozen people blocking the entrance to the villa instantly falling into a pool of blood, but someone soon closed the gap.

“D*mn it, do it ……”

When the Grand Protector saw this, he directly exploded into foul language.

As a Martial Sect, how could he be stopped by a small group of outer strength martial artists.

Soon, the five guardians simultaneously radiated their auras from their bodies, and the terrifying aura spread out, instantly enveloping hundreds of meters in a circle.

The five did not make a move, but with such an aura, no one was able to withstand it.

In front of five Martial Sects, not to mention a thousand tiny martial artists, even if there were ten thousand, it would be of no use at all, it would just delay the process for a bit.

“Kill ……… for me.”

Lin Tianhu gritted his teeth, he knew the strength of his opponent and knew that he was bound to die, but he did not have the slightest fear or retreat.

Even if he could buy Chen Ping one more minute, it would be worth it …………

“Kill …………”

Everyone . shouted, rushing towards the five guardians.

It was a pity that these people simply could not rush in front of the five guardians, and before they could touch each other, their lives were reaped by the strong qi emanating from each other’s bodies.

But the men behind them still went forward with their weapons, none of them backing down, knowing that they would die, but still going forward.

Soon, blood was flowing in front of the villa, and the bodies were almost piled up into a small mountain.

Such a killing made all five guardians begin to have a slight chill, but they did not stop, they had come to take Chen Ping away, this was an order from Long Jingguo himself and they had to complete it.

Looking at the corpses all over the ground, Long Wu’s eyes were red as he turned his head to look at the villa, “Chen Ping, to have so many people die for you, your life is worth it …………”

As more and more people died, the thick blood aura caused countless crows to appear in the sky, blocking the sun directly from the sky.

All of a sudden, the sky instantly darkened, but the killing still continued.