Phoenix Among Men Chapter 975

The veins on Chen Ping’s forehead rippled, and all his spiritual energy was exerted over his feet as he tried to stand up and looked desperately at Guo Wei.

“Humph, don’t measure yourself ……”

Guo Wei snorted coldly, then his feet exerted a fierce force on his feet, and he himself crushed Chen Ping’s body down, and Chen Ping’s face turned miserably white.

Chen Ping, who had just broken through the Martial Sect, still had some difficulty against the peak of the Martial Sect, but Chen Ping believed that, given some time, it would no longer be a problem to decapitate the peak of the Martial Sect.

“A director of the Martial Dao Alliance, a peak Martial Sect martial artist, against a young man, aren’t you afraid of people laughing?”

With a cold cry of indignation, Dong Jiahao’s body leapt up and kicked directly at Guo Wei.

Dong Jiahao was only a sixth grade Martial Sect, but he dared to make a move against Guo Wei, a peak Martial Sect, so he had to say that he was not too bold.

Seeing this, Guo Wei dodged Dong Jiahao’s attack with a flash of his body.

“Duke Dong, you are but spectators, do you want to interfere in the affairs of our Martial Alliance?”

Guo Wei said with a grim expression.

“I can’t f*cking look at this, there’s no such thing as you guys bullying people, what famous and righteous sects, what support for the righteous path, your Kyoto Martial Dao Alliance are all chicken and dog people, for so many years, how many evil cultivators have your Kyoto Martial Dao Alliance killed? You are still using chicken feathers as arrows to oppress the major sects and families!”

Dong Jiahao gave a foul scolding to Guo Wei, and then reached out and pulled Chen Ping up.

“Brother Chen, are you alright?” Zhao Beng ran over and asked with concern.

Chen Ping shook his head, then looked at Dong Jiahao and said, “Brother, thank you!”

“It’s nothing, I advise you to keep your eyes peeled, don’t join this Kyoto Martial Arts Union, there’s no f*cking good in it!”

With one sentence, Dong Jiahao had offended many people from the clans and families here.

“Dong Jiahao, what do you mean?” Long Xiao, being the most powerful person of the younger generation among these clan families, directly stood up and said, “Don’t think that everyone is afraid of you, let’s have a match if you have the guts ……”

“Let’s fight, I’m still f*cking afraid of you!” Dong Jiahao’s aura shook and he said.

“Dong Jiahao, I am asking you to leave now, you are not welcome in this trial!”

Guo Wei frowned as his aura instantly erupted from his body, directly suppressing the aura from Dong Jiahao’s body.

Although Dong Jiahao’s aura was suppressed, he did not lose in aura and put his body up and said, “I won’t go out, what can you do to me? Kill me if you have the guts, I’ll see which one of you dares!”

“You …………”

The terrifying aura from Guo Wei pressed towards Dong Jiahao.

But just as Guo Wei’s aura was heading towards Dong Jiahao, an equally strong and incomparable aura attacked him, directly suppressing the aura from Guo Wei’s body.

Guo Wei froze and looked directly at the hunchbacked old man behind Ning Zhi, for here, only this old man would have such a strong aura.

“Director Guo, all young people are young and vigorous, why do you have to be angry and serious? The director of the Kyoto Martial Arts Union is dealing with a young man in his early twenties, your victory will not bring shame to your face, and if word gets out, you will be laughed at, I think forget it!”

Ning Zhi said with a smile on his face as he walked up to Guo Wei and persuaded him.

Guo Wei was now in a difficult position, so many clans and families were watching him, if he was insulted by Dong Jiahao and did nothing about it, where would his majesty be?

“Since Lord Ning has said so, then I won’t bother with them kids!”

Guo Wei said as he collected the aura from his body.

Dong Jiahao was about to say something else when Ning Zhi walked over and interrupted directly, “Brother Dong, just see what’s good!”

Dong Jiahao thought for a moment, and only then did he not say anything.