Phoenix Among Men Chapter 982

“Brother Chen, be careful then!”

Zhao Beng said with concern.

“Chen Ping, with your current strength, going to try again, that’s not going to seek death, with seventh grade Martial Sect strength, you couldn’t even walk a dozen meters before you were blasted out, can you do it with this strength?”

Dong Jiahao asked.

“We’ve already arrived here, let’s try again!”

Chen Ping said as a huge aura slowly began to rise from his body, a golden light flashed, and a piece of scale armour actually began to grow on Chen Ping’s body, as if he was wearing a layer of golden armour.

Seeing the change in Chen Ping, everyone was shocked, even that Long Xiao was staring at Chen Ping with wide eyes, not knowing what he was thinking.

Chen Ping did not care about the shocked crowd, but walked straight towards the depths of the tomb.


Soon, a terrifying killing aura, like a fierce beast, came towards Chen Ping at once.

Chen Ping’s body was ruthlessly hit, as if he had been hit by a high-speed train.

Chen Ping’s body was knocked out of the way, and because Chen Ping was prepared, he was not injured this time.

“Brother Chen, are you alright?”

Zhao Beng asked.

Chen Ping shook his head, and then continued walking towards the tomb pa*sage.

Just as he stepped into the spell formation, another sharp killing aura came. This time Chen Ping himself swung up his fist and punched out a barrier.


There was a loud sound, and the body beside him was shaken a few times, and his entire arm went numb, but this time Chen Ping’s body was not blasted out.

Seeing that this method was effective, Chen Ping’s heart burst with joy.

Taking a sharp breath, Chen Ping moved quickly towards the depths of the tomb pa*sage, but the more he moved forward, the heavier the mountainous pressure became.

At this moment, Chen Ping was moving as if he was carrying a huge mountain, and from time to time, killing Qi hit Chen Ping’s body, sending out a trail of golden stars.

“What the hell is in here that someone would lay down such a powerful formation ……”

Chen Ping’s face was stony, but he still gritted his teeth and walked forward.

Looking at Chen Ping’s body getting farther and farther away, Zhao Beng clenched his fists tightly, worrying for Chen Ping.

Soon, in front of Chen Ping, a blinding light shone through, and it seemed that Chen Ping could see that not far ahead should be a burial chamber, a blinding light occurred inside the chamber, but what treasures were placed inside, could only be known by entering the chamber.

Chen Ping wanted to speed up and rush into the chamber, but unfortunately, his feet felt like they were filled with lead and his body felt like a huge mountain was being pressed down on him, and every step he took felt incredibly difficult.

The tomb was close at hand, but Chen Ping just couldn’t get inside, so he could only grit his teeth and move towards the tomb a little bit, like a baby learning to walk.

“Brother Chen, where are you?”

At that moment, Zhao Beng’s voice came from behind Chen Ping, who looked back and found that Zhao Beng was still in his original position, but kept shouting loudly.

“I’m not far ahead, can’t you see me?”

Chen Ping said with great confusion.

“I can’t see, it’s as if you have disappeared into thin air.”

Zhao Barging’s voice came out.

Only then did Chen Ping realise that the spell formation was actually still a blindfold, they had actually arrived in front of the tomb chamber, and only through this spell formation could they see the tomb chamber.

Chen Ping ignored Zhao Barging and continued to start walking forward.

“Ka-ching …………”

A piece of golden scales on Chen Ping’s body unexpectedly crumbled, and the immense pressure caused Chen Ping’s feet to form a deep footprint on the ground with every step he moved.

Under the crumbling scales, blood began to flow out, it was Chen Ping’s blood, these scales were surprisingly growing on Chen Ping’s body the same way.

“Ah …………”

Chen Ping shouted angrily, the golden light on his body became even more victorious, the spiritual energy within his dantian was like not wanting money, desperately radiating outwards towards Chen Ping’s body.