Phoenix Among Men Chapter 984

It was as if he could see that every blade of gra*s and every tree in the painting was all alive, and the cowherd boy was running around happily.

Moreover, the aura emanating from the painting was exactly the same aura that Chen Ping had felt at the beginning, and what had been attracting Chen Ping all along turned out to be this painting.

“D*mn, after all this effort, why is it just a broken painting?”

When Zhao Bargan saw that there was only one painting in the tomb, he was unhappy and cursed.

“Zhao Barging, do you see if the cowherd boy in this painting is moving?”

Chen Ping asked to Zhao Barging.

“No!” Zhao Barging frowned, “Brother Chen, are you mistaken, how could the man in this painting be moving!”

“What’s so special about this painting? How could someone use a magic formation to protect a painting?”

Dong Jiahao was also a bit puzzled.

When Chen Ping saw that no one else could see that a blade of gra*s in the painting was moving, and only he could see it, he could not help but frown.

A stream of divine consciousness slowly made its way towards the Ninety Thousand Miles of Mountains and Rivers painting, and just as it got close, a huge suction force suddenly sucked the divine consciousness into the painting.

Chen Ping felt his body, as if he had instantly appeared in the world of the painting, looking at the azure sky, the green and ghostly gra*s, and the cattle herders not far away.

Here, Chen Ping found that there was a dense spiritual energy everywhere, and the spiritual energy here existed like oxygen in the real world.

“Is this an illusion? This is too real, isn’t it?”

Chen Ping’s eyes were wide and full of incredulity.

The cowherd boy saw Chen Ping at this moment and surprisingly walked towards him.

“Where did you come from?” The cow herder asked at Chen Ping.

“I …………” Chen Ping was speechless for a moment, he didn’t know how to answer, the question he didn’t know where he was considered to be from.

“Little friend, what is this place?”

Chen Ping did not answer the cowherd boy, but asked the cowherd boy.

The cowherd boy gave Chen Ping a strange look, “This is Penglai Island, since you have arrived here, how could you not know where this place is?”

“Penglai Island?” Chen Ping frowned, he had heard of this Penglai Island, wasn’t this Penglai Island the legendary fairy land?

Could it be that he had come to the fairyland?

But just as Chen Ping was about to ask the cowherd boy, the cowherd boy jumped away and disappeared immediately afterwards.

Chen Ping was astonished and was about to take a look around when his body suddenly shook, and the next thing he knew was that Zhao Zhaogong was still in the tomb, and there was no Penglai Island.

“Brother Chen, what’s wrong with you? Just now eyes unblinkingly looking at that painting, like a fool ……”

Zhao Barging asked to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping didn’t know what was going on, he just seemed to be hallucinating, but it was as if it was real, the cowherd boy’s voice was still surrounding his ears.

“Penglai Island?”

Chen Ping muttered in a small voice.

But just then, someone suddenly . shouted, “Look, the painting has changed ……”

The crowd hurriedly looked and found that the scene on the painting had all changed, the landscape was gone, the cowherd boy was gone, and with it appeared a dense forest!

There were quite a few animals in the woods, but these animals were just alive and kicking in Chen Ping’s eyes.

When Chen Ping saw this, a divine sense poked out here, followed by the whole person appearing as if in the woods again, with animals constantly looking at him warily.

Chen Ping turned around and found that there was no one there, so he had to find a seat and sit down. The Heart Condensation Technique was running and countless spiritual qi began to swarm towards Chen Ping’s body.

Chen Ping’s almost dry dantian soon began to have spiritual energy turn into a trickle of water and flow into Chen Ping’s dantian.

The Dragon Crystal inside Chen Ping’s body also began to frantically suck in the spiritual energy of heaven and earth at this moment.

No one noticed Chen Ping’s changes, so everyone’s eyes fell on the 90,000-mile mountain and river map.