Phoenix Among Men Chapter 100

Chen Ping frowned and a cold aura emerged from his eyes to look at Cui Zhiyuan, who instantly felt as if he had fallen into a ten thousand foot ice cave and was so scared that he hurriedly shut his mouth!

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, Dad …… Dad …………”

Sun Xiaomeng cried in fear, muttering out of his mouth like he was crazy!

A lot of people started crying at once, and the whole room was haunted and wailing inside.

On the other side Hou Chunlei called Lin Tianhu, he had to ask Lin Tianhu what to do with this bunch of rowdy little brats!

If it were usual, Hou Chunlei would have taken the decision himself and done away with Chen Ping and the others, just a few ordinary youngsters, even if they disappeared, they wouldn’t have caused any stir!

But not now, Lin Tianhu had clearly ordered them not to fight and kill, so Hou Chunlei could only ask Lin Tianhu what to do!

At this moment, Lin Tianhu had already gone to bed, and after receiving Hou Chunlei’s call, he yawned and said, “Monkey, it’s so late, is there something wrong with KTV?”

“Master Tiger, there are a few little kids at KTV causing trouble, they also injured Binzi, too arrogant, I want to ask Master Tiger, can we do away with these guys ……”

Hou Chunlei asked cautiously.

“Little brats?” Lin Tianhu frowned, “Who are they? Are they from the Red Dragon Gang?”

With Lin Tianhu’s reputation in Hongcheng, no one had dared to cause trouble in his territory, unless it was someone from the Red Dragon Gang, after all, that Feng Sihai had just been injured by Chen Ping some time ago!

Now the Red Dragon Gang was looking for trouble with their Gathering Hall, it wasn’t impossible!

“No, it’s just a bunch of rash youngsters who say they work for some Su family company, and there’s a guy who seems to be called Chen Ping, and he’s the one who injured Binzi ……”

Hou Chunlei said!

As soon as he heard the word Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu dabbed and jumped off the bed!

“Monkey, I’m going over there now, you’re not allowed to f*cking do anything to me, just wait for me honestly ……”

Lin Tianhu said, hung up the phone and ran outside!

The first time I heard Lin Tianhu’s anxious voice, my face was full of doubts, but Lin Tianhu had given the word, he could not disobey!

He returned to the office, which by now was already stinking inside!

“sh*t ……”

Hou Chunlei pinched his nose: “Open the window, what a bunch of things ……”

Soon the window opened, fresh air blew in, which blew the stench inside the room much lighter!

Lin Tianhu had said to wait honestly, Hou Chunlei could only wave his hand and have the men with knives withdraw so as not to be seen by Lin Tianhu when he came!

“I have already informed Master Tiger, a moment later Master Tiger will arrive, what are your last words, you can say them if you leave first ……”

Hou Chunlei looked at Chen Ping and the others coldly, with a cold smile on the corners of his mouth!

As soon as they heard that Lin Tianhu was coming, this time Cui Zhiyuan their nerves were once again stimulated!

The scene, which had just been somewhat quiet, instantly became haunted and wailing again!

What kind of person was Lin Tianhu?

Even a three-year-old child in the whole of Hongcheng knew that, it was a devil that killed without blinking an eye!

“Brother Hou, it was all this Chen Ping’s hand, it has nothing to do with us, let us go ……”

Cui Zhiyuan once again knelt down for Hou Chunlei!

Everyone else also knelt down and begged for forgiveness, one after another, kowtowing continuously!

While Chen Ping was pulling Sun Xiaomeng with one hand and Wang Hanhan with the other, he didn’t let them both kneel down!

No matter how much Sun Xiaomeng thought of him, after all, Sun Fuhai was a good person and took care of Chen Ping’s family, so Chen Ping couldn’t leave Sun Xiaomeng alone!

Seeing Chen Ping not kneeling, that Hou Chunlei wanted to curse angrily, but when he remembered Lin Tianhu’s instructions, Hou Chunlei swallowed his words back!

“Humph, when Master Tiger comes, there will be a good look for you, let’s see if you are still majestic then ……”

Hou Chunlei thought secretly in his heart!